Freya, Malosi and Clarissa walk into a bar

So here was my plan. Save all coins and pulls to try and get clarissa in May. Couldn’t help myself and used my Valhalla coins I got farming and pulled Freya. So now I dont know what to do. Should I still try and get clarissa? Or should I use all resources this month for Malosi since I like him too and he would jump to the top of my yellow list? I don’t have any yellow prospects I like but now I have a dark prospect in Freya I do like.

Some additional info. I have 6 tabards. Between gems, Atlantis, Valhalla, challenge, and costume coins I’ll likely end up doing like 20 pulls. And I know the odds of pulling either are extremely low but so were the odds of pulling a 5* with my 3 pulls in Valhalla and I did so you never know. I don’t think any of the 3 would make my defense. I do put more value on offensive over defense.

So is clarissa so good that she’s worth waiting for even if I just got a great dark hero already or should I try for Malosi and ascend Freya? Kinda seems like I can’t go wrong either way but I’m indecisive.


All 3 are really good. We don’t know for certain what Clarissa will be until shes released, but the initial version is top notch. That being said, a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Depending on how many EHTs you have, its totally worthwhile to use them during Springvale. Maybe you get lucky and get Malosi and the you could save anything else to try for Clarissa later. Also, Gravemaker is featured for Atlantis in May versus Alasie for April if either of those would be more helpful for your roster, it could impact when to use your ACs. Having Freya already, Malosi might fill the bigger void for you.


I’d take Freya to 3.70 and wait through the month of May to see if I obtained Clarissa or not before making a final decision on the tabards.

As for what to do about summoning in April for Malosi, because he isn’t a defensive hero, I’d not break the bank chasing him. There are many ways to manage your offense without chasing for one single hero (is it likely anyone would ascend six copies of Malosi so they have one per war flag on offense? No, so why go nuts just for adding one offensive hero to help strengthen one war flag??)

Just what I’d do. Reflect on it as you will. : )

I’m actually not excited over any springvale hero.

I had thought about this too. I have mats to ascend a blue and a red and I have no great candidate for either. I’d be happy to get either one so that doesnt help sway my decision :confounded:

Well that’s the current plan. So then it’s safe to assume you are in the camp that values clarissa highly enough that it’s still worth spending all resources trying to get her and not try for malosi despite already having freya?

I’ve never chased a hero. I already know that whichever hero I try to chase I have a limited runway. So no matter which month I summon in I’ll only have like 25 pulls max coming from 1 ten pull and various coins I’ve gathered.

One more question. So you think clarissa is the better option because she’s a defensive hero? I dont think I would ultimately use any of these heroes on defense. Would that change your opinion?

In a vacuum, provided no change, I’d say Clarissa is definitely the best. If i had to choose only one, no other factors, it’d be her. She’s a purple Gravemaker as is. VF, hit 3 and DOT. She can fit anywhere on defense. Flanking a strong yellow tank, especially with GM on the other side, she’ll be very difficult to deal with. Offensively, she maybe the best purple available. She could be a top 5 hero immediately.

I’m in the camp that feels it’s more useful to actually make the decision when all the pieces are in play. So deciding now to ascend a hero, and then pulling another hero of that same colour later… it’s possible to regret making the earlier ascension decision.

But if you never end up pulling the competing colour hero, then you are free and clear.

I’d wait to learn what situation you are in.

Because there’s no going back. You may plan to not do any pulls for Clarissa at all, at least not in a pursuing sense. But if you make even a single summon for some other reason, and you end up getting her… might you have regret if you’ve already ascended your Freya?

You might, or you might not. I’m just saying I’d wait and see if it were me. And if I got both, then once I knew I had the competing decision to make, then I’d make it at that time. To enable that, I’d have to keep Freya at 3.70 until May was over.

So I value Clarissa enough to say it’s not a slam dunk to ascend Freya with zero consideration as to whether or not you might get lucky and find a Clarissa in a summon. I’d have to look at my teams at the time and then make a call between the two. Which can’t be done if your Freya is already at 4.80. That would mean you’re now eagerly trying to gather more tabards to ascend your other exciting new hero that you wish you could ascend right now.

If you had 12+ tabards, all would be moot. : )

Interesting take. Do you have GM? I know he’s a monster on defense but havent ever given much thought to how he performs on offense.

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I’m sorry I misspoke earlier. I plan on taking freya to 3.70 and waiting. So my question really is where I should use my pulls. Shoud I still actively try to pull clarissa or should I use my pulls trying to get Malosi (but still wait on ascencion decisions in case I miraculously pull clarissa)?

I do think that all things considered Clarissa is better but Freya is no chump (meaning at least I still have a great option even if I dont get clarissa). So would I be better off pulling for Malosi since theres no conflict if I land him. OR is clarissa that good that I should still try to get her.

I’m sorry, I know I’m rambling. It’s just that I’m an anxiety riddled indecisive train wreck lol

Yes, I have GM. With a Level 11 mana troop, he charges in six tiles. He hits 3 pretty hard plus the 2 turn burn. By the time it wears off, he often can fire again. He can kill one side of the defense by himself in five turns quite often. Clarissa has the same capability.

I had the exact same decision to make, having recently pulled Freya. I have only two Tabards, but 5 darts. While I have several holy 5*, I’m not terribly excited about any of them and Malosi would make for a killer addition to my offensive mono yellow. On the other hand, I really need a purple tank for war defense, and while their stats are pretty similar (Freya has higher defense, but Clarissa has more hit points, so I think they more or less equal out in their tankiness, and while neither are spectacular in that role they are both better than Seshat who I am using currently) Clarissa’s paladin class makes her slightly more suitable as tank. Another thing to consider is whether you have other minion Heroes to pair with Freya, as I do, because that is what will really Make her shine.
After taking all of that into account, I went ahead and used my 10 pull now, rather than waiting until May. I got lucky, and Malosi has joined my team! I’m very excited about it and feel like I made the right choice. Very fast Mana heroes are such a boon in raids and War offense, and with a decent board will be an excellent counter to those Heroes with devastating status effects (GM, Vela, Telurria, etc.). Whichever way you decide, I wish you luck!!

Freya is absolutely terrible.
Don’t waste your time on her.
Malosi is better than everyone thinks.
Clarissa depending on what stats she is released with will be the one to go for to ascend but wether she will keep the beta stars remains to be seen

I find Freya as an awesome hero! I have over 30 maxed legendary so no small sample size. Her minions are wicked, fast mana with def up.


Freya mostly needs heroes that generate minions in team, otherwise her special is lackluster. In general S3 5* heroes seem to be oriented towards strategic use (Freya, Sif, Ratatouille…).

I’m glad u find her useful.
Cant find anyone else that does

Lol. yeah, I have her +16 (attack path) and with 848 attack and 1451 health, she is pretty stout. As with any hero it’s what you do with it that matters.


I already have a great purple team so she would actually be a great addition to it. I didnt do any pulls this month so I dont have a Malosi. If I get Clarissa I’ll ascend her forsure but Freya will be next since I have 10 Tabards now

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