Advice for pulling for HOTM - May- June


How much should I pull for Clarissa? I did some 20 summons at Atlantis, but after the huge slap in the face with Telluria and Vela, I am reluctant to buy more gems. For a good time.

I have some event, Valhalla coins and costume keys amounting to about 10 summons. Should i try for Clarissa or next month HOTM? I have Ariel, Fenrir, Thorn, Panther, Kage, Freya, Costume Rigard among others.

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My sugestion is that u should try for clarissa next hotm rafaelle is so bad:)) i got her but its not maxed yet

Why do you want her?

With your current roster, I’d wait to see who’s in the next batch of monthlies. Clarissa is good, but you already have two very good 5* with Kage and Panther. Next month’s blue, in his current state, is a rather low-end healer and I suggest leaving him alone. After that, I expect some good monthly stuff on the horizon. They might even introduce a red designed to crash tanks.

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I was thinking to use my free pulls because at Costume event and Valhalla there are some good heroes. Some new costumes I like like Kadillen and the green and yellow Valhalla 4*

Clarissa is worth getting, unless of course she’s nerfed when everyone starts crying about her. I won’t be bothering with rafaelle he looks average at best, but who knows what SG will do after he’s released

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