Another "need an advice on who to ascend?" thread

Hello community, this is my first thread in the forum and so it clearly has to be an"who to ascend?" thread.
It is about my red and yellow 5* folks. I only have one set of ascension mats each and I would appreciate any advice you can give me.
Note: None of these heroes will be on defense (for now, so don´t take it in to the consideration)

Here is my red rooster:
Gefjon+20; Grazul+7; cKhagan+7; Noor+7 (still, there are 800 druid emblems but no other druid); Elena and nearly all of the 4*, some partly emblemed & many costumes
My red Options: Tyr; cAzlar; Isrod; Santa (I think he will be last)
I can only give emblems to cAzlar (around +7-8), for Fighter, Monk (all new go to Skadi) and Paladin (Odin needs some more) there are none… I´m tending towards Tyr, cause I lack fast red heroes, but I like cAzlar more. But he would (again) be slow… Well and Isrod is new and shiny :smiley: but I have plenty of riposte heroes.

My yellow rooster:
cJoon+20; Odin+7; Sif+11; Malosi+7; Guinivere; (only real healer: Gullinbursti+20) +plenty of partly emblemed/costumed 4*
My (awesome) choices: Sir Roostley, Poseidon, Rana; Ureaus; Bai Jeong, Vivica (no emblems to spare for either for now)
Well I only have Gullinbursti for healing and no yellow cleanser (when I think about it there is only cRigard+18; Raffaele and Glenda, maybe I miss someone, but there are not many cleansers in my roster) that is why I tend to do good old Vivica who avoided my untill villians… before that I wanted to do Poseidon, or Rana, or Roostley (but then came Odin). Hmm and what about Ureaus? Well for anti minion I have Gefjon, Skadi and Noor and Grimble at 3/70. Can´t decide :smiley:

Okay, cause I am already here. Easy one with my purples. It´s a one or the other decision.
My Roster: Ursena+20; Kage+7; Clarissa; Domitia; Victor (most of the 4* bla, partly emblemed blabla)
Options: Either Grimble or shiny new Karnov? (again no emblems for now)
I like Grimble, he is cool and underrated! Well and Karnov would be good for Titans, I guess.

Well, thank you for reading all this and I would appreciate any suggestions.
Greetings and stay save

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Howdy Roor!

You are on the right path with red. The question is do you prefer Tyr or C-Azlar with 8 emblems? I think C-Khagan is a great three target striker already so I’d lean towards Tyr over Azlar. His self revive can win a lot of raid/wars battles for you.

Yellow is trickier. Rule out Bai, you have Malosi and he’s does what Bai does better. Depth wise for war and ninja tower I think Viv is a good call. You can never have too many healers. After that you ask do you want a second sniper (I’d lean toward Poseidon over Uraeus) or an AOE hitter, (both Rooster and Rana are good)

Cheers, let us know what you do!


Red definitely Azlar. He may be slow, but he is strong and his specs are especially helpful in the new formations. I already use him in attack without a costume. I have now pulled his costume and am considering leveling a second one.
Yellow Vivica. Healer. Nothing to add.
Purple Grimble. As you have already established yourself. But I don’t know Karnov yet.
Good luck!

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Thank you for the input @Chadmo & @Pike.
After I maxed Pixie today :smiley: I will start leveling my Vivica tomorrow.
Looking at my 9 (+1 PoV pretty soon) rings, I will ascend Tyr first, cause he is already 3/55 and cAzlar is still at 1/1. I´m an optimist, so I believe that when Tyr is maxed and cAzlar is at 3/70 I will have those two missing rings… fingers crossed!
And I will go with Grimble and let Karnov sit on the bench for another while.

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Sounds great! Look for videos of Karnov. A lot of others werepulling for the other Villians, so he got put to the side. I use my Jott against titans and very fast tournies and he’s a 5 star Jott. See where he falls, I wouldn’t sleep on him.


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Tyr’s DoT stacks with other red burn heroes, can’t go wrong with him.

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Think about Bai Yeong this way,todays meta is AoE insta kill. The new heros are hitting everyone and hitting hard. Bai’s 75% miss is very powerful. He basically puts a stop to hitters like Killhare, Cobalt, Frigg. Oden, etc… You will win more battles with him as his special comes along and saves the day.

Also, even with all the minion out there, Grimble is a hero i still regret maxing. Karnov changes tiles like Rata and Jott and those beefed up tiles can wreak a defense and do wonders for your Titan scores.

Tyr is better than Azlar and your mono team would benefit. Azlar would be good in VF tournaments/wars and Events


Im an Azlar man through and through, Feel the Burn :fire::fire::fire:
I have both Tyr and Azlar maxed, Tyr with 20 and Azlar 19. Tyr would be the better option, hes good on attack and defense, revives with fighter and his special.
Viv is good, heal cleanse and defense buff.
Im working on my Grimble too, but titan damage is important too, so bit of a tough one there :+1:

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Hmm, so maybe I try shiny, new Karnov instead of the goat dwarf…

Tough choices.

One thing to keep in mind is that a maxed C.Azlar comes with a mana bonus you can pair with mana troops to speed up a bit. Favorite thing on him, though, is that undispellable burn. Tyr can be annoying, but I’d say it’s close between these two for how I play them. Plus C. Azlar is a Paladin, which is a nice talent for the weaker D. Normal Azlar as Barbarian has a decent emblem path for both.

Vivica if you need the healer and it sounds like you do.

Grimble is underrated.

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Hey community, I´m resurrecting my old post because I really am a big fan of this forum and i´m bad in decision making. So basically looking for some advice again :innocent:
There are a couple of questions about ascending and also about limit breaking. I will soon be able to LB one hero of every color. Untill now I only did 3* & 4* heroes.
Well, first here comes my roster: (OMG, this might be a very long post with many questions :crazy_face:)

RED: Gefjon+20; cAzlar +18; Elizabeth +18; Grazul+7; cKhagan+8; Noor+13; Tyr +7; Elena and nearly all of the 4*, some heavily/partly emblemed & many costumes
Question is: Who to ascend: Octros or cGravemaker. Who to LB? I am between Elizabeth (usable everywehre), Azlar (everywhere beside defense and he is fun to play) or Octros/CGravemaker. Don´t know.
YELLOW: cJoon+20; Prof Lidenbrock+18; Devana +8; Ureaus +9; Odin+10; Sif+18; Malosi+7; Guinivere; +plenty of heavily/partly emblemed/costumed 4*
No question about ascending, cause i have zero darts… but which one should I LB?
PURPLE: Ursena + 20; Dr. Moreau +18; Lepiota + 18; Kageburado +7; Clarissa; Victor; Domitia; 4* same as above.
So who to ascend? Karnov, Malicna, Agrafena or Grimble (who I really like!)? I have no clue… and who to LB? I really would love to LB Lepiota but I only (always) use her on offensive raids. She doesn´t shine in any other aspect of the game I think.
BLUE: cMagni +20; Lord Loki +19; Ariel +10; Skadi +11; Athena +8; Glenda +7; Raffaele; 4* same as above.
Only one telescope in my inventory, so no ascending question. But whom to LB? Lord Loki is the same like Lepiota, I love playing 3-1-1 in raids with LoLo and Lepiota. But only for offense and no where else.
GREEN: Heimdall +20; MN +18; Kingston +18; Zeline +18; Ellradir; Telluria; Lianna; 4* same as above.
Ascending Options (11 Tonics): Bertilla, cHorghall(only non standard HA10 pull :partying_face:) and maybe Kadillen without costume. None of them is really great but I have 11 Tonics. Well but they won´t get emblems soon… puh and who is worthy of LBing?
Sorry for the long read. Would be very thankful for your input.
Happy gaming