Help with structuring war teams (screen caps included)

Hey! So I’ve been playing for a little while and was keen on some advice r.e. structuring my war teams. I’m unsure as to whether it’s best to spread your stronger heroes out through your weaker teams or whether to group them in terms of strength (considering complementing powers across both options). Btw Li Xiu is nearly fully leveled so was planning to get cracking on Poseidon after I ascend her again. The ungrouped heroes at the end are for making up war teams 5 & 6. Currently have three greens there because I can’t figure out which two to keep. Any advice is appreciated!

Ps. Started assigning talent grid emblems early on in the game. Woops. Have stopped that business now :confused:

It really depends on your alliance, both in terms of the sort of opponents you face, and how coordinated you all are with War.

In a mixed level alliance, newer players with less leveled rosters typically make the biggest contribution by cleaning up damaged teams, and sometimes by using mono stacks of unleveled heroes to try to blow a hole in a team, particularly the tank.

For cleanups, stacking 2-3 of the same color will typically work well, as it’s hard to do sufficient damage fast enough with a weaker rainbow team to not get killed, or have your efforts undone by a healer.

For mono unleveled stacks, it’s a definite gamble on getting a decent board, and requires some good board play skills to make the most of what you get. But even completely unleveled 1-1 3* heroes in a stack of 5 can do a remarkable amount of damage, particularly if you stack in the strong color against the hero you intend to take out for busting a tank or cleaning up a team with only one or two heroes left.

So really, team selection will vary for each War and each hit, as you tailor your team to the opponent. The biggest general recommendation I can make is not to think of your teams as fixed, with 6 rainbow teams that you always use in the same combination.

On a related note, your bench is shallow enough currently that it would behoove you to hold onto all 3* heroes, even if you don’t level them. They’ll be useful for filling in for stacking.

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For starters I’d get Karil out of your tank position. Gunnar would be much more fitting, and helpful. You appear to be lacking in the blue hero area So for now Gunnar is your best bet.

Li or Rigard would be better for the middle tank spot right now. I wouldn’t suggest really wasting too much time on Poseidon for now. He will take a LONG time to be of any use.
Instead concentrate on your 3/4*’s. Maybe make a few Atlantis pulls, I seem to have the best luck with Atlantis…if I have any luck at all that is.

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