Could use some advice on how to proceed

First off, I want to say I appreciate everyone on this forum so much. Its really great being able to ask the community for advice and get such thoughtful input from all of you.

I started playing Empires and Puzzles when the pandemic hit. Recently I’ve had some really awesome luck on pulls. The first time I asked for advice was a month or so ago and the recurring theme from the input was "Build your war bench with all the 3s and then work on the 4s, then 5s." I did just that maxing 15 of my 27 3s (5 being repeats, the other 7 being hero’s I’m just not super excited about). I also became a bit bored with farming and not progressing in the map stages, since I was not focusing on leveling my main team. Since then I’ve pulled some 4 and 5 star heroes and am returning to the forum for guidance on team building. Please take a look at the screenshots below and let me know how you would proceed from here.

My main team I use in Map Stages and raids is Sonya - Sabina - Kashhrek - Gormek - Hu Tao

My defense team is Sabina - Elena - Kashhrek - Gormek - Sonya

Stop working on Elena and focus on 3star heroes mostly, and the 4 stars when you have the ascention mats. Proteus will be a HUGE help for players just beginning. Finish Sonya and Sabinayou need them maxed.

MOST IMPORTANT, I see you have given Zulug and some other heroes some feeders. Focus on one rainbow and don’t give feeders to anyone other than those 5.



I strongly disagree with that. Your comment about Elena can make sense given how long it takes to get ascension mats.
The strategy I employed and have passed on is to have these two points of focus for now:
1 what is the best rainbow team you can come up? In the short term the 5 star heroes won’t make that team with how rare ascension materials are for them. If I had your team, I’d go Proteus/Sabina, Gormek/Scarlett, Sonya/Kiril, Gretel/Hu, Belith/Kashrek.
2 What is the best mono titan team you can make for each element? Titans are one of the best sources for materials early in the game, so improving your titan team pays you back. Also it puts in place team synergies.

Eventually you’ll start making other changes such as ensuring you have 30 heroes to use for war, or leveling certain heroes to use in challenge events.

Focusing on 3☆ stars is a wise advise because it takes a short time to max a 3☆ and having 3 or 4 of them per colour will help you enormously in terms of gameplay. You will be able to set diverse teams and depending on the enemy to use different colours. It will increase the newbie player success in doing rare quest, rare events, raids, tournaments and will help him to get better scores on titans too)

Pd: i will focus on a 3☆ (you can finish them really fast) and 4☆ star rainbow with the following heroes

Gato - Brienne- Proteus-Kiril- Scarlett

I dont know if you have the mats to max the 4☆ stars. If not start to leveling them up to 3.60. It will turn them into usable heroes while you wait for mats.
Its a good idea to work on feeding on colour .
Give those heroes feeders depending on the colour. This way you will match red feeders to red heroes , blue feeders to blue hero and so on. It seems it takes long but you will be doing a better use of resources and soon you will have a deeper leveled roster. ( i started leveling by one when i started playing last year and then changed to on colour feeding and thats when my roster expanded a lot) try it.

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Different thoughts here, apparently. Some telling you to continue focusing on 3* heroes. I dunno. With 15 maxed at this point I see no harm in moving onto 4* heroes, and max out your defense team at least. If you don’t have the mats to fully ascend Elena, I would switch her out for Hu Tao, but honestly at this point in the game raid defense doesn’t mean much for you and I’m not the biggest fan of Hu Tao (I like Gretel as a 4* much more).

Here’s what I did back when I was in your position. I maxed a rainbow defense team (again, not really necessary) then I focused on one rainbow leveling team at a time to build up my roster. I tried to make sure that I was at or near equal strength in all elements. I wanted a nice mix of hitters and support heroes/healers in each element. Went a long way toward building up roster depth. At some point (forget when) I stopped with the rainbow leveling and just pumped heroes of every color into whatever hero I was currently working on and I still do that to this day. It’s not efficient, but where I am in the game I don’t really need to be.

Good luck however you decide to proceed!

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I think you have enough 3* maxed. I would:
Finish Sabina - level Proteus
Finish Sonya - level Kiril
Level Gretel - I prefer her than Hu Tao
Stop Elena and finish Gormek or level Scarlett


Ok for your 3* heroes I would probably recommend 3 or 4 max rainbow teams. But please max out Gato first.

If you have had enough after that and want to do higher heroes, for your 4*, I would finish Sonya, Sabina, Kashhrek.

Then Work on:
Little John

And hold off feeding ALL your 5* heroes until you have the mats to max them

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Pierre already has 15 3stars, so I’d say 3 or 4 teams is essentially covered.

I’d rather be able to access more content due to higher leveled heroes than have more depth.

He has some key 3☆ heroes that its a waste if he doesnt work on them. We are talking about heroes that are fast to do and add lot of diversity. They dont requiere unfarmeable mats. So theres no lost here
Examples of this are Gato and Brianne. He doesnt have wu kong so vs a blue titan Brianne could work wonders.

So my advise is that he shouldnt stop working on 3☆ stars yet(i have close to 40 maxed 4☆ and i still work on 3☆ when nothing better around) . What is the solution? He can work in a rainbow mixed team of 3☆ and 4☆ star. That way he will grow nicely. Yep, im a defender of on colour feeding. He can try it if he likes. I wasnt fond of this method until i tried.

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It’s also more food to level a 5* so the stage the op is in its better to do 4* first plus also to compete and complete epic events to get mats even rare quests for mats will be easier.

You have a nice start and a good core of 3*. You should consider maxing gato and maybe a red 3* like Nashgar since I only see azar and hawkmoon. Being able to do 3-2 is helpful in rare events.

Finishing heroes you start maximizes their effectiveness so finishing heroes you have ascended should be your first priority (like Sonya).

I would strongly recommend focusing on A rated 4* next. Proteus should maxed as soon as your current 4* projects are complete. Feeding on color is best use of resources, but if you want to power though leveling you can always pick a hero and feed it everything.

I know 5* are tempting but I have a rule that I won’t start one if I don’t have the ascension materials. This game can be played very successfully with leveled 4* with emblems. Go with your best 4* and you will be able to succeed in maps and in events.

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