Suggestion on next green ascension

HI everyone, I have an important bottleneck with green heroes and mats:

Tonics: 11
Sturdy Shields 4.

Heroes opting for the ascension:

Elkanen 3.70
Kadilen (no costume) 2.60
Evelyn 2.60
2nd Caedmon (and costume) 3.60
Melendor (and costume) 2.42
Buddy 1.1

My green roster is: Caedmon +20 CB, LJ +18 CB, Almur +20 Kashrekk 4.70

I have no druid nor ranger eating emblems atm. Cleric emblems are being used on Mist.

I´m leaning towards Evelyn, With my current roster i can fight between 2.200 - 2500 cups and in a long term Evelyn will improve my team better in wars, events and titans but I´m always listening for advice. I wouldn´t be able to fully level Caedmon or Melendor costume due to lack of shields.

Thanks in advance.

If you had 8 shields I would agree and say Evelyn. HOWEVER with only 4 shields I would actually vote for Buddy.

He will give you the final piece to the Titan Team (defence down). Plus you do already have a +20 Almur which is (effectively) the same as a maxed Evelyn.

Eve would be my pick as the first 5* to max in green. Generally better than Kadilen or Elkanen. I would go Evelyn > Kadilen > Elkanen.

The maxed Eve will allow you to split your greens up a bit into two sets for war purposes.


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