Ascending Dupe 5*? (Evelyn)

I have just acquired my 4th Shield, and I have 8 Tonics at this point as well. I currently have maxed Evelyn and Lianna. I have a second Evelyn at 3x70. I have no other green 5* heroes. For 4* maxed, I have Little John, Melendor +15, Buddy +3, and Gadeirus.

I have a few options for my shields, which is why I’m here. I could max another Buddy, max a Caedmon, or max a 2nd Evelyn. I could also max Skittleskull or Kashhrek, but no… :slight_smile:

I have a decently flush roster with about 30 maxed 4* and 8 maxed 5*, so at this point, any option chosen would be roster depth for wars.

I’ve always preferred variety first. I might max Caedmon or maybe a second Buddy (maybe even both) before a dupe Evelyn. You might turn around and get something good later.

The shields come around semi regularly, so waiting to see if you get someone more worthy of the tonics won’t hurt you too badly, and getting 4* to 70 is a lot faster than getting a 5* to 80.


In my honest opinion, I would go for variety in your roster and max Caedmon before doubling up …


I agree—Evelyn in particular is best paired with a strong green striker, like your Lianna. I’d hold your resources for such a hero—especially with Kingston on the calendar for October.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will hold off on Evelyn for now. I think I’ll work on leveling Caedmon up to 3x60, so he’s ready to go, and we’ll see what happens by the time he gets there!

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Although I agree with everyone here - variety is better and green sniper is perfect with Evelyn - Evelyn is one of the few heroes I could think of who works very well with its own dupe in the same team, so don’t cross this option out completely.

You are there and she is a Hotm take the 2nd Eve

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Another vote for caed! Especially with eve and Lianna.

Not to mention eve is usable at 3/70, generally speaking… and really shines when you have snipers to pair her with.

Caed is like a mini Lianna. Or Lianna-lite

I’m ascending a dupe Eve right now.

We face a LOT of unified blue-tanks in war. And Evelyn is possibly the best part of a green stack vs. blues, so for the reason alone, she warrants a dupe where as in most other situations, I’d agree with the people preaching variety.

I have one Evelyn at 4/80 and one at 3/70, and they are great in blue tank wars. The second one might get tonics in the future, but I reckon I will put up a Elkanen first. My Lianna is nearly maxed.

Against the blue tanks I’m using Evelyns, Lianna, Caedmon +18, Hansel. Elk would be good because he is a fast three hitter also

To answer the question, I reckon the tonics should probably be kept, Evelyn is still pretty handy at 3/70 and you should get another green five at some point. Maybe give them to her if you get to 11 or 12 with no other applicants

All this Eve talk just makes me realise how spewin I am I missed out on her ! :slight_smile:
That said I wouldn’t cross out a second eve but would wait until you had more tonics before pulling the trigger. I am a huge Buddy fan but as far as war depth I think Caedmon’s ya boy !

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