Green ascension and/or leveling next

I got 5 shields and 1 tonic atm.

After LJ is at 4/70 im not sure where to go next.

Ceadmon to 4/70
Mother north to 3/70
Malendor to 3/60 or 4/70

My only 4 star healer is rigard at 4/70 atm.
Im working on kiril right now and have the mats to ascend him to 4/70 but atm he is at 3/14 so it will take a while.

I think mother north should be good at 3/70 but malendor is better for titans because of his tiledamage?

Yeah you right Mels tiledmg is not bad but i would go first for Caedmon…he’s a good one

Another vote for Caedmon.

Caedmon again, Mother North really need 4^ for best working so keep tonics for her

Figured I’d post here instead of start a new thread.

Who first?
Evelyn vs Mother North

I’m still pretty weak vs Blue Titans but this will be my first 5* green to ascend so raid defense/offense would be right up there as far as priority.

For titans Evelyn, for raids and raids defence MN

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Thank you @Radar1

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You have mostly healers leveled, so I’d definitely do Caedmon for a fast 4* sniper. After him, then maybe Melendor. I’d only start on Mother North when you’re close to having all of the tonics. She can sit at 70 and have her special work just fine, but to be sturdier, she’ll need to go to 80.