Green Ascension Advice

Hi all, I could use some advice. Just got enough potions to fully ascend my next green hero. I have Lianna maxed already but who’s next? I have Evelyn, Gregorian, Lady Locke, Kadilen, Hatter, Atomos, Margaret, and a 2nd Lianna. My raid defense is already 4080 rainbow, and I think at this point I want to focus on Titans and war attack. Thanks for any input or advice!

Evelyn and Lianna play really nice together. I think I’d lean towards her.

Evelyn 20 chars. …

I’m leaning towards Evelyn due to her synergy with other greens… and it’d be nice for her to last longer. But I’m also thinking, keep Evelyn 3.70 and max Gregorian… With Lianna and Gregorian maxed… and Evelyn at 3.70 they’d crush a blue tank… I hate Aegir… :slight_smile:

Evelyn for the 1 - 2

Thanks all for the replies… three votes for Evelyn… I’ll wait for a best of 7… one more vote for her and I’m sold. :slight_smile:

We have the same dilemma and mine was resolved a week ago through our good friends here in this community when I raised the same issue. I will ascend my Evelyn (I have two at 3/70) but if I were you, go for Hatter. I chose him because I dont have him. LOL

So what is your final answer?

Thanks for all the input! I went with Evelyn… after looking at the hero chart, her hp is near the top and I want to keep her alive longer! I’ll do Hatter next, and then my duplicate Lianna… at some point.

Evelyn - even if she works at 3/70, maxing her would give her more survivability against higher ranked titans

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