Help with my next 5* green please!

Good nigth pals!! Currently my green roster heroes is maxed Evelyn, maxed Lianna, maxed Caedmon, maxed Melendor and Elkanen at 3/70. Recently had a nice sorprice when got an extra Lianna from tc20. My question for you is if i should max Elkanen, or a second Lianna over him. Thanks for your answers and apoligize me for my bad english…

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Hey :slight_smile:

Elkanen is… rather mediocre.

A second Lianna would be 100% preferable to him, but I would actually recommend saving the ascension materials until you pull someone different/better.

Just between the two I would work on getting her up to 3/70 until someone better comes along.

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Elk if you need diversity , Eve + Elk could be good combo

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Thanks for help!! 20

C[quote=“arios, post:3, topic:107910”]
Eve + Elk could be good combo

Eve + Elk is a good combo! I have maxed Eve and 3/70 Elkanen and as @Gryphonknight would say, together they fight crime. Unless something unexpected happens Elk will get my next tonics and they will be seriously damaging then, the matched mana speed is very handy


I run twin Liana’s and really like them.

My lineup is North/Liana/Liana/Buddy/Evelyn.

It’s my most successful mono team at over 85 percent win rate.

Eve into 2xLiana kills 1 or two enemy every time. Once they fire together, my win rate probably goes to 97percent or higher.

I have Elk on my 2nd green mono team w Caedemon, Tarlak, Hansel and Kashrek - but a 2nd Eve leveling to take Kash’s place.

Liana is one of the best pure killers in the game. Go two of her

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I run Elkanen on my main team for two reasons.

  1. He was my first ever 5* on the game, been running with him for close to two years now.
  2. When used in the right place on the team, he can be a decent tank dependent on board.

I have a fully leveled tarlak I sub in depending on opponent, but I would save the ascension materials for a future 5* green pull.

All the luck to you that you get a good one soon!!

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Thanks for all your coments, are very useful for me!!

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