Stuck on a couple of color choices

So I’m at a point where I’m not sure what direction to take for my next red and green projects. Here is my situation and current options.

Jean francois, sumle, Mack, c.gormek, second Elizabeth or second tyr. I would not have enough rings to ascend another 5* probably for a little while.

Current red maxed only Elizabeth, tyr, Wilbur and c.boldtusk.

Green: kadilen at 3/70, unascended tarlak, elradir, Bertila, elkanen. I have enough potions to ascend 1 of those 5* but am not thrilled about spending them on those options.

Current green maxed are frigg, almur, tettukh, brynhild, c.melendor and buddy.

Any advice?

Costumed Gormek. Good against minion summoners. Sturdy. Doesn’t cost you any rings.

Tarlak. Ideal against blue titans. Insane attack stat. Heals overtime.


What @Ultra said. I maxed a C Gormek for lack of anything better and have not regretted it at all, especially in the undead horde wars. Sturdy and comparatively cheap to max out.

I’ve faced a fair number of maxed Bertilas and she’s got a strong swing, but tarlak would be my choice in that list.

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Thirded. If in doubt, leave Tarlak at 3.70 while you try him out; he functions ok unless you’re fighting high level titans. If you don’t have Miki you will love this guy, but even if you do, you can’t use Miki for everything.

Thanks for the advice.

Much appreciated.

Reds: c-gormek. I made the mistake of ascending JF and I almost never use him.

Greens:Tarlak and then Elkanen (he pairs well with Almur). Of course if you get the costume, Kadilen is a priority