Sanity check on leveling plan

So I think I know what I’m doing, but I’d like to run it by some more experienced eyes. I’m one of those people who will only train on color, so I’m basically stuck choosing five to train at once. So, color by color:


Boldtusk 4/70
Falcon 4/70
Colen 4/70

Khagan 2/60
Lancelot 3/60
Azlar 2/45
Gormek 3/28
Elena 1/12
Scarlett 2/1
Sumitomo 1/1
4x Boldtusk 1/1

7 Hidden Blades
8 Mystic Rings

Right now I’m pushing on Azlar. I know Gormek is solid, but I more or less have the mats – and my TC 20 just keeps giving me more 5* reds. Am I pushing Azlar prematurely? I could certainly see pushing Gormek and/or Lancelot first.

Or should I shift gears entirely and look at Elena or Khagan? Both strike me as underwhelming but I’m open to opinions.

Obviously if I were to luck out and draw a Wilbur I’d immediately prioritize that instead but so far that just hasn’t happened.


Hansel 4/70
Kashrek 4/70
Caedmon 4/70
Melendor 4/70

Buddy 3/49
Skittleskull 3/25
Lianna 1/1
Horghall 1/1
Little John 1/1

19 Sturdy Shields
5 Mysterious Tonics

This one seems obvious to me: finish Buddy and then push Lianna. Skittles is just underwhelming, and while Little John is decent for control, I have better options in Hansel, Gretel, and Proteus. And Horghall is just… meh.

Do I have a solid read here?


Grimm 4/70
Kiril 4/70
Boril 4/70

Triton 4/56
Sonya 1/1

9 Warm Capes
11 Farsight Telescopes

This one is obvious by default. The only real question is whether I ought to throw materials at Sonya when the time comes or just hold out on a 5* coming my way.


Proteus 4/70
Cyprian 4/70
Rigard 4/70

Tibertus 2/20
Proteus 1/1
Sabina 1/1

21 Trap Tools
11 Royal Tabards

Tibertus or shuffle things around and push the second Proteus? I do love my Proteus, but I’m thinking a damage dealer in purple is a higher priority. Tibertus (and doubly so Proteus) is far enough from complete that options will likely shift around before I have to make another real choice.


Vivica 4/70
Gretel 4/70
Hu Tao 4/70

Chao 3/60
Danzaburo 3/39
2x Jackal 1/1
Wu Kong 1/1
Li Xiu 1/1

13 Orbs of Magic
1 Poison Dart

Again, this one seems pretty obvious. Vivica is so close that I more or less have to finish her before shifting all energy towards Wu Kong. Unless someone wants to make an argument that I should, in the context of everything else I have, push a Jackal first.

I doubt anyone will do that, but I have to ask.

So, tl;dr. Current plan:

  • Azlar, but open to Gormek
  • Buddy followed by Lianna
  • Triton, level Sonya while hoping for more options
  • Tibertus, but still kind of want that second Proteus
  • Vivica followed by power leveling Wu Kong

Sound about right?

I think your spot on.

I would do Jackel after Wu. The other colors are up in the air.

Training by color is the best way to go. It takes a bit longer but it builds your roster across the board.

I recently stopped just because I have so much leveled certain colors I don’t have an immediate need. So blue and yellow get fed to either Proteus, Gadierus, or Natalya.

I am building up feeders in 3x TC11 so my leveling is not going as fast as normal. Hoping to pull something good and throw everything at it.

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I agree with your strategy. The only argument I’d make would be Vivica and Wu. Viv can play awfully well at 3/70. She’s one of the few 5*s that can. Wu is a big help on big Titan hits. I took my Viv to 3/70, did a Wu, and came back to finish her and it was solid.


That is a good point about Viv but according to his chart she is at 4/70. Would you still stop?

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In the case of Viv & Wu, I’d use any 2* yellows to finish Viv and 1* yellows to start Wu. That’s only how I personally choose to level two heroes of the same color when one is close-ish to max and I have another worthwhile hero standing by.


Whoops! I misread that. Nope, I’d just plain finish her to get her off my mind. Honestly, there isn’t much difference between 4/70 and 4/80, but I like heroes finished. Good eye!


agreed just finish her off.

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I probably should have waited until she was 4/71 just to avoid the ambiguity – but yes, 4/70 and I’m just finishing her up.

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Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like I’m on the right track. Anyone want to advocate for Gormek or is Azlar a good enough 5* red to justify the investment?

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Azlar is a pain and best at 4-80. He doesn’t seem effective at 3-70 from what I have seen so with him it is all or nothing.

Your supply of Mats I think is fine and you will still be able to get Gormek up and get more rings for when you get another option.

Nope. You’re past the point where he’ll be impactful to your teams. Esp. with Grimm maxed and Tibs on his way up. Some will argue that you should build him for green titans, but his tile damage is so non-existent that I never got excited for him and he’s still stuck at 3/60 for me.

The rest of your assessment is on target. Sonya is worth the capes, but agreed that a 5* blue would be better - with the exception of Thorne.

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Some colors you don’t have the 5*. I would urge you to push for Azlar then Lianna.

Wu and Jackal are definitely for titan hits.

Buddy is a yes and no for me at this point based on your roster since you can already stack well for green. Lianna is just better at this point for the 1 shot kill and you are only 1 tonic away to up her.

You are not short on leveled 4* heroes so there is no need to rush anymore 4*. Focus on the 5* that I mentioned.

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