Stuck on green again

So I completed a set of tonics and am stuck on whether or not to use them. I am p2p so I pull reasonably, but even doing 10 pulls every couple of events doesn’t guarantee anything, let alone a quality specifically nature.

Only maxed 5* right now are Frigg and Fogg.

Tarlak and Kadilen at 3/70.

I really only use Tarlak for titans and war attack at the back end. Kadilen right now only on wars at the back end.

Untouched: Elradir, Bertila, Elkanen

If I held off on any of them, I’d start another 4* green. Not tons of options there either. Only a c. caedmon, second c. melendor, second Tettukh, a c. kashhrek or a c. little john. None very exciting.

I know I could take other 5* to 3/70 but is that the most efficient route. Anyone have any advice?

If you facing titans with 10* or more stars I would max Tarlak to make him tankier(if you don’t have Miki).

If your titans are lower I would max Elradir over Kadilen, his elemental link is still usefull and his ability is very powerfull against any DoT hero.


I’m leaning towards Tarlak but those 4* ascension items are like gold. I’m always hesitant to use them. Is tankier for titans enough of a justification?

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In my opinion yes, titans are every day thing so is Tarlak, if you are spending 4* mats or 5* aethers on heroes that you are using very often then its never a waste