Next green project?

I am afraid I need your help to make my next green decision. Honestly, it is the first time I have a choice. Here are the 5* options I have:

Maxxed 5*s:

Green: Margie, Alby
Blue: Thorne, Richard
Yellow: Joon, Vivica
Red: Marjana, Elena
Dark: Kunchen, Grimble, Domitia

I think what I need is a green with punch…

Tarlak on 3-70 is fine for me, as I only use him for 10* Titans.

Forgot to say that I am c2p, just buying the small Atlantis and Event offers and as I have been pretty lucky with green 5* pulls, I don’t think that there will be better options in the near future.

Elkanen, Atomos and Horghall are all bad choices. Kadilen can be useful but is not among the great heroes.

You should choose between Tarlak and Morgan. Given that Tarlak is doing okay for you now, my vote goes to Morgan.


I would have said Tarlak, but if you’re happy with how he’s performing, then I’d vote Morgan as well.


Do I seen that you have Melendor’s costume? Is so I would level him to 4x70 and his costume, maybe a few emblems. After that I would go for Tarlak. That will give you 2 heros with over 800 attack on your green team stacks. The other heros are more defensive and you need offense in this game!

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Yes, I already have two Melendors with costume ready. :hugs:

Horghall, Kadilen, Elkanen, Atomos are probably not worth of leveling passed 3.70.

If you get Lianna out of TC20 she would be a great addition…

Crap, didn’t see that you have Alby and Margaret already maxed…you have a lot of green support heros and not enough offensive damage heros. Tarlak would just add to that support crew…you’d have great tile damage, but not special damage.

I would consider going with Elkanen…just so you have some offense, but you really need Lianna…

Fully agree, will put some pressure on my TC20s. :joy:

Lianna would be the best, of course. Out of those options, if Tarlak is currently holding fine for you at 3/70, I would go with Morgan.

I have her at 4/80+6 and she is a BEAST for AW defense. I use Lianna in my normal defense team, but Morgan is nasty for defense and, once maxed, is decent enough on offense. Pair her with a mana troop and she can start stacking drains pretty fast.

It depends what you need most …
Tarlak to help with Titan?
Kadilen is underrated in my honest opinion
Elkanen can be a beast on max with emblems.
But if it was me, I would go for Morgan (because I don’t have her and I look for variety).
Good luck

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Personally, whatever project you start I would only take to 3-70 to wait & see if you get Tulleria next month.

Of the options shown I would personally go with Morgan Le Fey. She’s a pocket weapon on defence & a nightmare to kill on Field Aid battles if shes surviving on her own in the wing…

I rate Morgan as one of the best wingers in the game… Better than most Rogues…

She also does a great amount of damage… I have mine at +17 and she (even with less emblems) single-handedly has taken a raid from all-out losing to a win… She’s gone from 4 vs. 1 losing to 0 vs. 1 winning…

Anyways, She’s my vote for now… but like I said, wait till end of next month before using Tonics to see if you get tulleria… if you get T, it’ll be between Tulleria & Morgan :stuck_out_tongue: and that won’t be an easy choice :stuck_out_tongue:


Next month’s HotM is insanely good, and green


First of all let me thank everybody for the nice feedback.

Would Lady of the Lake make a change in your decisions? Just pulled her a minute ago.
Somehow these Green 5*'s make me sick, it’s Nr. 10! while pulling 3-4x 5*'s of each other colour.

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Lady is a pain in the bottom, but she’s still a support. You team really need some punchers. My vote goes for a Morgana, mostly for a variety, but Kadilen is a fine too. Not even considering Horgall or Atomos.

Pair Lady with Proteus and you’ll finish all legendary events easily. :rofl:

Go Lakey go :white_check_mark:
She’s just awesome.


Man, I just barely pulled a Raid Tournament win out of my bottom no thanks to Morgan Le Fay, who likes to eat her way to victory without gaining weight. Realizing the crapshow she was turning my match into, I focused on eliminating her before exterminating Evelyn, Grazul, and Anzogh, who lay in wait with more than half damage. Luckily, tiles landed, and I eventually hit her and neighboring Anzogh with Defense Down by Grimm and then finished her with Seshat. Still managed to work the tiles and finish off the other three with less than 100 combined Health points split between two heroes!

Morgan Le Fay…I hate you…witch! Go to Morlovia where you belong, blood-sucker!

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Is Shrubbear maxed? He’s only a 3*, and seems useful in tourneys. If not, I’d finish him. Otherwise, Morgan.

Lady + beta nerf to next months green HotM changed my mind and I’m leveling Lady


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