Struggling to find the best attack and defense team. Would love some help!

Just like the title. I have so many heroes that i love but I am really struggling to come up with the best attack and defense team for raids.

Currently my defense and attack team is: Hansel - Guin - Wilbur - Frida - Vivica

Pros: Very bulky and I stay alive really well.

Cons: I don’t have any super strong hitters. I would like to add in someone like Marjana but I don’t know who to take out. I was thinking Vivica but she is my saving grace and saves my ■■■ so much (especially towards debuffs) and since Guin doesn’t heal everyone, it hurts. I was thinking Frida but then I’d have two double color stacks and not enough coverage.

I also have a blue power attacking team that I love: Frida - Vivica - Kiril - Hansel - Richard

The combo of Kiril/Frida/Richard is absolutely DEADLY!

What do y’all think? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would remove Guinevere from the flank position, putting Frida and Richard as flanks.

Then when you would have enough materials to ascend your first 5* rainbow defense I would use this:


Oh wow, I didn’t even think of those combinations! I will have to give them a try soon! Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Also is there an easy/quick way to make those pictures like you did? Or do you just have all the individual pictures saved and you combined the images together?

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You have to use this site:
Then capture the screen and cropping the image :slight_smile:


You’re amazing! Thanks :blush:

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