Defense team help?

Hey there - I’ve been getting pummeled in raids with my defense team. I had been running Boldtusk, Obakan, Boril, Joon and Red Hood. I just switched to Sonja, Obakan, Kashrek, Red Hood, Joon. What would be your optimal team? I’m currently leveling up Vivica as a potential tank maybe?

Yes, costumed Vivica is a very good tank.
When you’ll have enough materials you could try to tank with Sorcerer Vivica but right now you lack good non-yellow damagers but Vela…

For now you could go with Joon - Grimm - Boldtusk - Kadilen - Obakan


This is the one I was going to suggest:

Joon | Red Hood | Boril | Kadilen | Obakan

But I like FraVit’s suggestion too. Either one will keep you around 2300 trophies, which should be good enough to help opening your hero chest in diamond arena.


I agree with both @FraVit93 and @DaveCozy defense setup…
Just a little suggest for offense leveling priority.
Purple: finish Proteus and Sabina, then Rigard
Blue: Kiril

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Excellent - thank you all!

I didn’t have Proteas has high of a priority but will finish him up. I’m lacking on capes for Vela and Karil but will get them up asap…

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