📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks - Dead topic see link in post #190


Stacks are classified separately from Status Effects, although they are closely related.

Like Status Effects, stacks can be positive or negative. For example, they can increase a heroes attack stat, or deal damage over a number of turns.

Unlike Status Effects, stacks do not have a turn duration or limit, and they can’t be dispelled either by skills that say they dispel buffs or ailments. Stacks can’t be overwritten by similar or opposite status effects either.

Below is an example with Mireweave. Note that she has an attack stack active, as well as an attack buff:

The number beside the stack indicates the amount of times the stack has been casted. The more that the stack is casted, the more the effect increases. Please see the card description for how much the attack stack increases by.

For the stacks currently available, please see the first post in this guide.

Class Talents

Thanks to Kerridoc’s Version 18 - Class Talents - #190 by zephyr1 for the chart. I took and repurposed it to list the relationship between certain talents and status effects.

Now you know what that Cleric class resists, and what Peirce can bypass! :slight_smile:

Order of Operations – Stackable Status Effects

Damage over Turns, always applies before Healing over Turns buffs
Just a Flesh Wound always activates after Shared Damage

Buffs (non-pvp)

The following buffs are casted by items or map/quest exclusive enemies. Therefore these can’t be used in raids, and do not apply to the Buff Booster tournament rule (as they can never be casted there).

Name Buff_Icon Description Overwritten
Mend Runic_Mend Recovers HP over set amount of turns (casted by Green Runic Rocks) Runic_Mend
Replenish Runic_Replenish Recover mana over set amount of turns (casted by Yellow Runic Rocks) Runic_Replenish
Reflect Damage ReflectAllDamage All status effects and damage is reflected back to the enemy (casted by Titanium Shield) ReflectAllDamage
Invisible Invisible Can’t be targeted by enemies (casted by Invisibility Potion) Invisible

Ailments (non-pvp)

The following ailments are casted by items or map/quest exclusive enemies. Therefore these can’t be used in raids or wars.

Name Icon Description Overwritten
Shatter Runic_Shatter All enemies get -20% defense (casted by Blue Runic Rocks) Runic_Shatter
Scorch Runic_Scorch Receive 109 Burn damage over a number of turns (casted by Red Runic Rocks) Runic_Scorch
Poison Runic_Poison Receive 104 Poison damage over a number of turns (casted by Purple Runic Rocks) Runic_Poison