🦧 Order of "per turn" damage taken types and healing?

:orangutan: Order of “per turn” damage taken types and healing?

Imagine having a hero with all posible “per turn” on him:

  • healing
  • poison
  • bleed
  • burn
  • sand damage
  • victor damage
  • lady locke damage
  • morgan damage
  • and maybe there are other ones? :thinking:

in which order do they activate?

i know for sure that burn and poison arent the same in combo with healing. cant remember which is first though.

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They activate in the order that they are listed on the card. If the card has bullets that have each effect, the top one activates first, then the second, etc…


I’m sorry, I just realized I misread your post! I thought you meant what order do multiple skills on the same hero activate. Oops!

Doesn’t matter in @_John_Doe case, since dead is dead… :wink:

Oldest ailment first.
Order as shown on the status.

Heal blocks/reductions (i.e. Perseus, sand empire heroes) would be checked before healing, naturally. I would imagine the vampire healing steal would also be checked first before passive healing.

it matters so i know if i will full mana a hero on next tile used or he dies before … when raiding…

especially when i mono with 3400 team against 4k+ teams :slight_smile:

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Olmor sorry, but I debunked this. Or at least as of Version 25 this is no longer true :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did a check of this, in the interest of checking whether the order of buffs and ailments matters.

I found out that DoT, is always calculated before a HoT, regardless of the order the specials were fired.

Scenario 1: Poison DoT casted first, then HoT casted after

Result – Lianna takes Poison damage first, then HoT heals her

Scenario 2: Gadeirus HoT casted first, then Poison DoT

Result – same as Scenario 1 – Note that Lianna is taking damage before the HoT activates, despite the fact that the HoT was casted first.

@_John_Doe now we know :slight_smile:


Good information, thanks.

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