🦧 Order of "per turn" damage taken types and healing?

Olmor sorry, but I debunked this. Or at least as of Version 25 this is no longer true :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did a check of this, in the interest of checking whether the order of buffs and ailments matters.

I found out that DoT, is always calculated before a HoT, regardless of the order the specials were fired.

Scenario 1: Poison DoT casted first, then HoT casted after

Result – Lianna takes Poison damage first, then HoT heals her

Scenario 2: Gadeirus HoT casted first, then Poison DoT

Result – same as Scenario 1 – Note that Lianna is taking damage before the HoT activates, despite the fact that the HoT was casted first.

@_John_Doe now we know :slight_smile: