Black Knight with shared damage bug (Wilbur, Aegir) [NOT A BUG - Working as Intended]

I tried Wilbur with Black Knight but there’s a tricky bug when “just a flesh wound triggers” while Wilburs shared damage is active - Black Knight taunts and reduces the damage to 1, year the rest of the team still takes the full damage of the special. Same issue with Aegir btw.


This definitely seems to be a bug. I think you should open a support ticket from the game with some screenshots or videos if possible. :slight_smile:

#contact-support Check here for more info how to open a support ticket.


Happens to me too. Not too big of an issue though, seeing as the damage done is minimal.

Until an almost dead hero that’s charged ends up dying.


Never been at that point. But i suppose.

I’ve seen another thread where it’s stated as maybe normal:

  1. damage is shared
  2. only BK has his “just a fleshwound”

Same happens with QoH, there’s also the shared damage with taunt.

But might be better to have an official statement about that :slight_smile:


Here it is:


It won’t let me upload a video from iPhone but this is a screenshot from when Thorne hit BK with his special, you can see just a flesh wound reduces the damage to 1 with taunt, yet the full damage is still shared amongst the team, which is annoying because it does sometimes kill an ally that is near death when BK has taunt. I think it’s a bug.

I write about same problem with Aegir, I’m not crazy) I’m not alone!!!

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Several times I notice, that rule, that Dark knight take the damage on him , all team share damage and knight get only 1 point of damage. As I understand, its wrong, because Dark Knight with his buff take the damage on him, and then must to work percentages of dropped damage. If he get 1 point of damage, all his team can’t get more, then 0(zero) damage.

Dear SG, am I wrong?

Black Knight’s ability reads: “The caster has a 50% chance to drop any received damage to 1 for 3 turns”

Since Black Knight has taunt and enemies can only target him with specials, if he drops the damage to 1, the allies should not be receiving the full damage as if it was never reduced to 1 in the first place.

Wilbur’s (or Aegir’s) ally’s share received damage ability should logically be over ridden by the fact Black Knight is A) taunting the ability, and B) dropping the damage to 1.

the same thing is also happening for normal strikes that are aimed at Black Knight. The normal strike damage gets reduced to 1, but the team still shares the full damage of the strike as if it was never reduced.

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What happens when Bk takes a multi-target attack? If he is takes a Ramming pulverizer he should get 3 hits. It could be that get a 1 and 2 hits of 200 right?

If he gets the 1 but the rest of the team takes the full damage there shouldn’t be any bug, because the damage reduction is applied after getting the hit and only involves BK. It Doesn’t work like a defense buff. I mean, BK skill doesn’t affect the damage done by the skill, just reduces it to 1 in the body of the hero.

When a tile does 1 damage due to no hero, and there is shared damage all heroes receive that 1 point.

I think it is a bad interaction between 2 skills, but the staff has the word.

Again, the ability reads any, not some. It makes no difference if the enemy ability is a sniper or a AoE, or like in ramming pulverizer’s effect, a tri-target, as Black Knight forces the hit to go to him only.

I have seen this bug on full display for weeks now, regardless of the order in which you fire BK and Wilbur, and regardless of what enemy skill is being used.

We as a community collaborate and test to discover synergies when new heros are released, and this is an awesome new synergy that is plain and simple just not working correctly at the moment.

Of course we are writing to alert the community of this issue, and in hopes of hearing from SG that this will be solved, which is the reason for this thread.

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Could be. The wording is tricky: The taunt prevents the enemy’s special skills from affecting BK’s allies; the (ally’s) spirit link make all allies share received damage; but BK’s special gives him (and him only) a 50% chance to drop any received damage to 1.

So, it depends on whether the received damage should be shared before or after it is dropped to 1 …

Currently, it’s shared first, then BK drops his to 1. Obviously, it could be argued otherwise.


It would be great to hear an official decision. I would point out that the card text reads “any received damage, not “only damage received by him and him only”.

I agree that it appears that the damage share is being triggered after the taunt is triggered but before the reduction. Why this should be is illogical and counterintuitive.

Regardless, we try to come up with synergies based on the actual card text, and this isn’t working as logic would seem it should at the moment.

Ah, but it does say “The caster has a chance”, not “The caster and his allies have a chance”.

And the reading that he might drop any received damage to 1, is not consistent with other observations: He obviously does not drop his allies’ received damage in other cases, like those of normal (slash/tile) damage or damage over time (pre-applied or applied by talent) – so why should he drop his allies’ received damage in the spirit link case?

Absolutely correct. The text reads the caster has a chance to reduce any received damage to 1.

Not some received damage.

Not only damage done to him and him only.

If he does trigger the flesh wound and reduce the damage to 1, yet the full damage is still being shared, then the damage isn’t being reduced to 1, and thus the synergy is bugged.

Perhaps it is a case of how some players love to test and discover new and fun ways to play cards off each other, while other players don’t.

I’ve read and re read both cards texts (without adding or changing words), and it just doesn’t make logical sense what’s happening on the field of battle.

I’m not a dev or staff member, just a player after all. I don’t know whether this is what they had it mind or not, which is the reason for the post.

I just read the BK discussion thread and understood better how the skill works.
Taunt protect enemies from being affected by specials (one or multi effect)
The flesh wound buff doesn’t apply to allies so they don’t have the chance to get the damaged reduced to 1.

Have someone tried BK with riposte buff?

If Bk takes 1 damage and reflects 1 damage, the shared normal damage should be a bug.

If BK reflects the full damage of the skill, it could be an intended effect or a double bug.

Yes that thread section was in response to when some of us were discussing potential synergies. We were excited to try BK and Wilbur together based on how the ability text is worded. One or two people gave their opinions of how they thought the skills shouldn’t work together correctly, which is where that quote was pulled.

It was suggested that the issue be posted with screen grabs and video in the bugs forum, so here we are.

So emotional post, as Putins Troll