Version 18 - Class Talents

I need to do a bit more testing, but there is fairly strong evidence that minions attacks are implemented as a single tile attack by their owner. Anything a tile attack can do, a minion should do.


So a minion can revive? Not sure how actually useful that is, but its interesting.

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So in a few classes I have enough emblems to go to the first node for a 5 star, but no interesting 5 star to put it on. I’m sure I’m not the only one - so are people waiting or just adding them with the thought of changing them later?

I personally am at the stage of deepening my 4* bench, and have only this week ascended my first two 5* to 4th tier - Drake and Khiona. I have only recently achieved 2 to 3 fully ascended 4* of each colour. Of course I am using my emblems for my 4s. Its a no-brainer that I need to bootstrap to the next level, and it will take months before I can get MN, Onatel, Evelyn, Zimkitty, Quintus, Kadilen and Magni to max. I will in the meantime use my tokens for Grimm, Proteus, Wilbur, Scarlett, Buddy, Sabina, Rigard, Caed, Sonya etc - the ones I use daily. When I get a 5 to max I will refund the tokens and take the loss.
There have to be thousands of players at my level : about half a year along.


I am generally making the call on an individual basis. For example, I have obvious 4* choices (Wu, Grimm, Rigard, jackal) and obvious 5* choices (Ares) but the rest I am waiting on. I have Eve, Lianna, Buddy, Greg and Tibs (and the other 4*) in ranger. How I’ll make a decision here is beyond me.

@Kerridoc Glad I didn’t start another thread on this topic! I see you have the Talent List here - great. Are you aware of where these descriptions came from or whom? Some of them are vague for me and it appears to several other players. I checked the official game site for further details - and couldn’t even find this list of definitions you posted.

My Feedback regarding the v18 - Class Talents


The visualization/graphic designers have done a fine job with the presentation of the talent 'grid' and integrating into the original format of the Hero card with the [Special] [Talents] option buttons.


Unfortunately, and as usual: within the game itself, there is a major lack of detail regarding "the DETAILS". Really guys, again?


I will prefix what I'm about to say with "it could be limited to specific Hero's or even Hero combinations in Raids. I'm not sure." There are technical issues with the game, not minor in my opinion at all. I will process those appropriately as to not taint this thread.

I have a lot of unanswered questions and figure someone here can answer them... going to keep it simple for now and come back later to wrap up someday...

1) What is a Thorn Minion?

Where can I get the statistics on the guy? He hasn't spawned for me in I'd say 80 raids with Zim since I went to class level 1 with her. I would like to know what they are and what they can do - they should be in the game so players can at least make a semi informed decision with the DRUIDs...

Granted ZIM Is a tough Kitty however, I assure you she recieved "some" damage during those raids - and she didn't get a "COMPANION". I've seen plenty of the others that I have (and that others have) - that GRAVY BLEED that I was told was 'nothing' - wrong!

2) I have a lot of questions with little time - who is the EXPERT SOURCE FOR CLASS TALENTS?


These came directly from the descriptions in the talent grid, at least from a beta version.

For info on Thorn Minions, see the cleverly named thread Thorn minions. I can confirm they have 15% of the modified maximum HP of the hero. Not confirmed what the attack % is.


I was hoping someone had a gold mine somewhere with this - lol. Appreciate the prompt response - it will suffice for that Thorn Minion. So likely no info on such things for the marjority of the players (who don’t come to or use the forum) to make sound or should I say confident in what they are getting decision making prior to clicking that “LEARN” button and watching the emblem count drop. Not your fault or mine. I still haven’t seen my Zim fire the skill, so other than 15% HP of the caster and what it will look like - nothing to reference from the game itself. Do you remember when we would buy a game for a $ XX.00 and it would literally come with a manual that was so detailed that anything we could ever want to know was at the touch of our fingertips… Web is great, the return results of our queries not so much so often.

Thanks @Kerridoc


What besides the Thorn Minion attack % is unclear from the descriptions at the top of the thread?

Hello. I just read this post. I know its a bit old, correct me if I’m wrong, since January, considering that how have you already fully leveled Guardian Panthers talent tree with emblems when emblems are a new concept? Ive got every fighters emblem available up to date yet I have only leveled 4 times now via Elenas talent tree. Am I missing something? lol. Thanks. Hope to here from you soon.

Well some people are probably getting more elemental chests than you and thus more emblems (ffwd raid chest twice a day to get more elemental chest). People are probably finishing higher in raid tournaments and thus get more emblems. If you don’t fave VIP then you’re missing an emblem a day. Those fast forwarding chests are also getting more emblems from the chests as well.

Just because you’ve got all the emblems you think you can doesn’t mean you’ve got all the emblems you possibly could have.

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Probably from Beta…

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Yes, I’m sure that’s a beta pic. Production players seem to be at about 5-7 nodes on a 5* at thus point.

Here’s what I have so far based on the paths I chose:

Rogue - Evade/dodge attack
Fighter - Revive
Monk - Show them the hand!
Barbarian - Wound

Anyone know the others?

@Winkalet I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

The top post in this thread has a full list of all of the Talents.

You can also find lots of additional information here: 🦸 Memento Heroes Classes and Quests

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@Kerridoc Thank you for your chart. I reused and repurposed it to list the relationship between certain talents and status effects.

I hope this proves useful to others, but here’s the relevant status effects to each of the class talents

Class Talent Relationship with Status Effects
Barbarian Wound Wound ailment = Wound.
Ranger Pierce The “bypass defensive buffs” bit refers to the following: DamageShare DefUp DefUp_Dark DefUp_Fire DefUp_Holy DefUp_Ice DefUp_Nature DefUp_Paladin DefUp_Special ElementalLink ElementalLink_WeakDef Reflect_Holly Reflect_Ice Riposte DamageReduction DanceOfSpirits
Monk Resist “Resist status ailments” means all status ailments. Since there’s too many of them to list, check the 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments topic (see Ailments section in post 1)
Wizard Jinx “Deal +15% extra damage per each active buff” refers to any buffs active. Since there’s too many of them to list, check the 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments topic (see Buffs section in post 1)
Sorcerer Delay Delay ailment is the same as the mana generation down ailment: ManaGenDown.
Note that this effect does not stack with skills that drop mana generation (e.g. Little John’s “Massive Chop,” Alasie’s “Spirit Arrow”)
Cleric Manashield “Negative mana effects” refers to these effects: ManaBlock ManaGenDown ManaSteal and any mana removing effects.
“Effects that prevent the use of special skills” refers to: MindlessAttack Silence SpellSlayer
Rogue Evade Note that Evade will only avoid damage, not status ailments
Fighter Revive Note that the fighter keeps any status effects (buffs or ailments)
Druid Companion Note that minions are not considered status effects

@DaveCozy, Cleric Manashield should also refer to Mana Block ManaBlock

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Yep, I got it there :slight_smile: That’s one of the “negative mana effects,” the others being generic mana reductions, Onatel’s mana drain, and the general mana generation down buff that Sorcerers cast with delay, along the other heroes like Alasie and Little john.

I found out recently by hunting for Miki in raids – he is not easy to find :smiley: a lot of food… donated to science – that the “blocking of special skills” refers to Hansel and Gretel’s spell slayer, Merlin’s mindless attack, and Peters and Miki’s silence ailments. So fun fact! Miki resists all of those too :slight_smile:

The Manashield talent can activate for both categories of ailments.


I’m sorry, my mistake, I didn’t see the table correclty…
I though you write “negative mana effects” is for soccerer.
So, no correction here, your table is already correct.

wait, what? :open_mouth: I though it just only effect from Peters and Miki? (also from reading in the HOTM Miki thread), well thats great, so Miki actually can be as defense, I mean at least usefull againts those 5 heroes.

yeah I was surprised too. I just recently ran into Miki on raids and found that out myself. Merlin and the witch hunter siblings are included in that list.

Here’s the post I wrote on that (apologies on the screenshot too, I couldn’t get the moment where the “resist” text popped up after using Gretel) Miki – New August 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion


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