Discord Alliance Recruitment Server

Hey Guys!

Looking for an alliance? Need some members for your alliance?

Check out this discord group! Come chat up leaders and players alike! All calibers of alliances available to peruse! Helpful advise!

Join today! Its gluten-free!


The server has channels for alliance ads per trophy requirement, for top 100 and 500 alliances and for people looking for new alliance per player level.

There is also a merger channel. One alliance from my alliance family has final state merger talks with a 10 people alliance started from this server.


The more people that join up and use it, the more useful it becomes too! Don’t be shy people :smiley:

Great server I’m currently on there great conversations will be very useful in finding members/alliances or just to chat

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A Discord server dedicated to E&P Recruiting - Yeah!
This find had me doing the happy dance - :rofl:
But seriously, it is one handy resource!

  • Very well organized
  • Cleaned out regularly
  • Staff member available to help when needed
  • Instructions clearly given

It’s a hidden treasure! Whether recruiting for your alliance or searching for a new home, this is a membership worth having!


Memberships are skyrocketing! Join today and start recruiting or checking out the alliances already there!

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It’s amazing to be able to post recruitment ads on the server rather than spamming game chat. And I’ve been lucky enough to have recruited three members! :star_struck:


Hi. The link doesn’t work for me. Can anyone post the instant invite code? I’m sure it’s me but would be helpful, thanks!

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Link worked for me, but here is an instant invite also: https://discord.gg/T2A77r


Great place to find players, and for players to find alliances. Alliances from small to some of the top alliances. Come join.

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Great resource and incredibly well organized!


This discord server does it right! We have had good luck recruiting out here. The only thing missing is well… you! JOIN


Honestly I was hesitant to join. But then I learned it was gluten free, and in always looking to watch my girlish figure on my manish frame. Good conversations, lots if other experienced players that help each other and will even recommend people to your alliance if the chemistry is there. And all this for only 50 calories. I dont know about you but I am on a diet and this fit right into it.

What I’m trying to say is it’s a helpful group looking to grow their alliances, each others alliances, and give advice to better the game overall.


Friendly bump up! Join today!

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I can recommend this as a great place to find recruits.

friendly bump

20 friendly characters

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A wonderful method of helping with recruiting!

Best of all - if yours is an alliance that requires Discord, your new member will be ready to rock and roll w your clan!



Just signed up, this is great! Thanks a lot for putting it together!

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Server still going strong, and growing everyday! Stop on by and say hi! :smiley:

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Bump! because this is a great server!