I'm looking for an active beginner/intermediate alliance, level 15-50 players

Hi! I hope it’s ok to post here. I’m not an alliance recruiting members but rather I am trying to find an alliance of active members similarly situated between levels 15-50. Really hard to find someplace I fit in, especially in game global chat without dm’s.

About me: I started 7 weeks ago. I’m super active, on a lot building up my roster. Always hit titans and use flags. I am currently level 28, 1200 cups. Team power 3100. Growing every day!

What I am trying to find: An alliance of similar level players where I can participate in wars and not just be waiting on one or two opponents to respawn.


  • Members use Line or Discord (I dont use whatsapp)

  • Titans 5* - 8* (not interested if you’re hitting over 8* Titans. If you are below 5* but advancing, I am ok with that)

  • If your war opponents are all over 4000 team strength, it is not for me

  • If you’re a “beginner” alliance that is just alts or has a bunch of members over level 50, it is prob not for me

I really just want to play and have fun/enjoy the game. It is still new to me and I want to take part in activities, do as much as I can, and learn/grow with others. Thanks!


Hi @Cap23

Pleased to hear you are enjoying the game! It can be great fun if you are in the right alliance.

Tagging some people who may help you find the right place




Any ideas?

Happy gaming


Thanks so much! Really appreciate it! :smiley:

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There are some great teaching alliances

Check the “equator” family (I played in the Equator West with @brizerpuddle long time ago and they have a training alliance; great group of people)

Any other ideas @Sarah2 :green_heart:


Hi hun,

We have a kiddies alliance where I have a tiny alt. There is an uncle that has an alt and and aunt. However they started new accounts so that the kids could play without the adult humour and swearing.

We have a big gun joining us but only to hit Titan’s as 5* plus titans give the ascension materials I.e warm cape, trap tool etc. He won’t war as he will blow our war field out the park.

We are hitting 4000k to teams but that is because of the rebalance a lot of big players are shifting down. I hit the big targets and make dents for others to go in.

Aunty Sassy is your level and we just play for fun. We have line and always willing to help you grow so that you can move up.

We are capping titans at 5 and 6 if it’s a rare once Bio joins.

Pop over and give us a try if you like. If too much that’s fine.

The alliance is called “Friendship is magic [TFG]”

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Hey @Luna

@Skellet53 would you have an option for @Cap23 ?


Currently there’s no training alliance inside Crew, but of course i know some place he can fit in.

@Cap23 if u want some options hit Line Nonot.29 i’d be glad to bring you into some friends

Thanks for the tag, sarah


East of the Equator is a family of 5 alliances so we have a spot for everyone. Great training alliance .
Just hit that link and it will bring you to our welcome channel where we can chat.

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Hello, I am from /Golden Claw\ & we are a very active small Alliance where I believe you would fit right in

We offer:
•War is optional, participate if you have enough heros to use 6 flags. Not using all six will get warning. Often all 6 aren’t necessary because we’ve already won
•Veteran leadership: won 13 of past 16 consecutive wars, about 40% we were matched with stronger opponents
•Serious about strategies, we like to win but also realistic, and like to laugh.
•Leadership was formerly in high ranking alliance & has extensive hero knowledge
•No drama policy
•1000 Trophy Req
•English spoken, but members from many countries
•Up to lvl 7 Titans
•Line App for strategies, hero and team building discussions and socializing

With smaller Alliances like ours, a person has an increased chance at premium titan loot because you are able to finish A+ or A sooner. I am far from strongest team, but finished A+ & got bonus rare “poison dart” a few days ago because I timed my leveling and received 3 additional flags. When I was in larger Alliances, I there was no way I could ever score better than the 10 people above me and always received C grade loot.

Thank you for your consideration.
/Golden Claw
We have open recruitment, but please say you were referred if you check us out and decide to join

I am Laudy in game
Line ID: amy_ldcxx

Come give bearcats a look. We are hitting 8*s and open all levels of events. Good mix of levels from top to bottom and very helpful higher level players that can help you on your journey. We care more about effort than high scores while you grow your roster.

Hey, thanks I appreciate the response and offer. I really didn’t want to be in an alliance with a mix of levels though. Wanted a true beginner alliance with all members around same levels. 15-45 tops. Thank you though!

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