Springvale or S3? Reuben?

I’m very c2p and am considering where to do at least one 10-pull.

Atm, I’m thinking either Springvale or S3.

I’ve Jack O’Hare, Squire Wabbit and Chick Jr from Springvale. I’d really like a Lady W, or any of the 5*. Master Lepus would replace Magni, no costume on tower/war defence. Sir Roostley would be my first maxed 5* Paladdin. :sweat_smile: Killhare is Killhare.

On the other hand, I don’t have any S3* 5* and I’m still missing many S3 4* such as Bryn and Jott.

Would you choose Springvale or S3?
Second question: Should I not max Reuben? I was lucky to get Vanda who seems a lot better.
I’ll have 15 rings once I can collect from PoV and plenty of other mats.

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I would suggest doing a 10-pull from S3 as opposed to Springvale because there is greater variety with S3.

As for your second question, I personally don’t have that many red 5*s so I would def max Reuben. But if you believe yet another Marjana or Khagan looks better, then go with that hero.


I would also suggest S3 over Springvale (you should instead save all EHTs for this).

As you are vc2p and already have Reuben, I would weigh up whether Bertila will help your roster and possibly wait until then - up to you.

If you pull now in December, then I’d wait until after the pulls to decide on Reuben.
If you pull in January, I would probably ascend Reuben now.

If your decision wasn’t already difficult enough, the League of Villains will be released at some time in 2021 and that would be worth a 10x pull if you’ve saved up enough by then.

PS: Looks like you’re working on it, but I would max all those Joon costumes for the 5% mana bonus!


Reuben is kind of dissapointing. Same hit as Scarlett but in a 5☆ without the attk down. I dont know… maybe for variety but theres no rush in my opinion.

You already have solid options in red so its wise to wait if you are going to spend in S3 you may get Tyr, Lady loki or Gefjon who are by far superior to reuben.

Use the gems in Valhalla and hoard the EHT until springvale


Thanks @raider_Mike, @MuadDib @Lexxtarc for your prompt answers! Basically, you confirmed I should choose S3 to do a 10-pull (and save all EHT for Springvale).

@MuadDib Very good point about League of Villains. I’ll just have to wait and see when it is released. Thanks also for noticing Joon Costume. You’re right - I’m currently maxing all Joon Costumes.

@Lexxtarc Thanks for your thoughts! I’ll probably wait until I’ve done my 10-pull before giving final mats to Reuben.


I would do a 10 pull in the new costume chamber over s3. Every pull there can increase the power of your existing s1 heroes, of which you should have most as C2P. With the new costumes this month there is the best chance for getting all new costumes that you don’t have yet.


I would suggest Season 3 in January (Green Hotm and an extra Yellow possibility - Thor).

Why S3? Frigg, Heimdall and Ratatoskr… Odin in your Yellow mono would also be great… Fenrir or Lord Loki would be a huge asset…

Springvale has no Greens and you really need them.

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Yeah season 3 there alot of 3* 4* that are useful.
Save your eht for bunnies.
Season 2 does have good hero’s but I guess you can still collect map coins, and with costume collect keys.
But doing a pull at the next costumes could be good depends on how many you have.

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Yes, I really need greens and blues. I definitely missed not having a Jott during Mythic Titans. :sweat_smile: And Almur #2 would be nice for MT in future…

For Costumes Chamber, I prefer to summon with keys only. I’ve been saving most of my keys for the new costumes, and have been lucky to get 3x 5* Costumes all from free keys. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for your replies @Hurriphoonado @JakimDaHorta @Dudeious.Maximus Happy New Year to all! :tada::tada:


Same here… on costumes i pull only with free keys… S3 heroes are powerful but are not coming… only one i have is Freya… i bought gems and save coins and i pull 70x on S3 … guess what… ZERO 5* hero, no HOTM… nothing… very disappointed… that was November… so since no other money put into this game… in december save up to 20 EHT for Christmas event… only Reubens came… si that is the end on investments in this game… i save about 80 keys for this month… let’s see one more big disappointment…

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REUBENS is not worth leveling un for me… i have max vanda marjana natalya azlar redhood grazul. Waiting on 3/70 for rings Elena and Noor. Probably i will lvl up Elena in event of no other reds from S3 or next red HOTM… as i am at zero rings now

@Nicu_braty I’m sorry about your S3 pulls. Good luck with your Costume Chamber summons! :four_leaf_clover:

I have 15 rings now, and little chance of getting a shiny new 5*, let alone another red. So, probably after my 10-pull, I’ll give rings to Reuben. :see_no_evil:

After 20 summon on chamber costumes, with zero 5* heroes pulls, it makes 100+ summons witouth any 5* for last 3 month. Not even in tc20… so for me… it has to end the game as it is.
I exit alliance and shut down the game…

That sucks. I hope you enjoy your freedom from the game, truly!

I was going to do my 10-pull in February, but then the start date for S4 was announced. I decided to wait for S4. :sweat_smile:

I really didn’t want to give Reuben rings, so I literally worked on my sixth (!) BT.

I had 18 rings. Luckily, my procrastination paid off! :rofl: During the first Valhalla Forever, I got my first S3 5* Gefjon from a single pull. :exploding_head:

I’ve maxed Gefjon. Now I just need as many Ranger emblems as I can get.


Congrats :partying_face: :+1:
She is also my 1st and the only one S3 5* hero I have currently. Not too rush for chasing 5* S3 heroes, lucky to get some of Almur though is great for me.

And also in Nov 2020,..

Thank you @jinbatsu! I never thought I’d find a forum heroes twin. :rofl:

Congrats on your Gefjon too! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It took me approximately a year to get S3 5* heroes since S3 was released for the first time. Not by summoning them using gems (I don’t do gem summoning anymore since early last year), but only with Atlantis coins. Only Alfrike fully maxed and fully emblemed. Ratatoskr at 3/70 (he was my first and may ascend him by using some of my 19 hoarded tonics after I get 3/59 Lady Locke to max at third stripe, unless I get Kadilen’s costume or Frigg or Heimdall, or change my mind and ascend instead my 3/70 Chameleon, 3/70 2nd Evelyn, 3/70 Atomos, 3/70 Ratatoskr, 3/70 Zocc, 3/70 Elkanen, 3rd Lianna with costume or 3/70 Kadilen) and 3/63 Fenrir who will not be seeing scopes yet.

Seasonal heroes, if it can be helped, must be summoned only with the use of EHTs. Right now, I only have 20 right now after spending 40+ early last January with Mother North as the lone worthy pull, which will be used in my attempt to have my Master Lepus experiencing family bonus if I will be able to snag Killhare, Roostley or a 2nd Woolerton. After that, I am to hoard again EHTs by skipping SandEmpire since I only see Rana as the most worthy sand hero among the bunch and I already have mine maxed and fully emblemed. EHTs will be invested on Morlovia in November and maybe a few for Santa’s Challenge for a crack at Santa and Krampus.


I maxed my Reuben :sweat_smile:
I still have 11 rings if Black Night want to knock at my door. :joy:

Congrats on Gefjon. She is awesome.

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@Ultra I have none of your green heroes listed, except for Elk, Lianna, and Kadi. All without a costume. For you, definitely not Elk or Kadi without a costume!! :sweat_smile:

Good luck with your Springvale pulls! :four_leaf_clover:

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