Vela or wait until springvale hotm

Title says most of it. Go for Vela as well as trying for MN , Santa and buddy or wait for springvale for an unknown hotm and the rabbits aren’t great though I would use lepus.
I could use Vela though I have all the s1 4,5 except Thorne and I also have Triton. She would be nice for free esp w MN

Waiting gets a shot at rabbits but an unknown hotm as jf and telly will be done by April. Given the path of creep though I am leaning towards waiting but that means no shot at MN though I know the odds even with a bunch of EHT

I did pull Grimble with pixie so maybe my hotm luck is done. Help…

After doing summons on the site I was reminded how low the odds are. Though I did a 10x in guardians simulated and got jackal, panther and falcon. Can I just tell sg and get the simulated results…lol. if you haven’t been to the site give it a try, you can pull in any event or regular and Atlantis singles, 10 to 100. Nice reminder of the RNGrinder.

Go for Vela and the Xmas heroes.

I mean when it all comes down to it you’re asking if you want 15 Dawas & Renfelds now or in the spring.

Why not get the feeders now.


Momma and Vela get my vote. You’ll get more coins before spring to throw at the rabbits.

Ouch, so true. Though maybe I get a Rudolph instead of squire!

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I vote for MN and Vela too. I did a ten pull on New Year’s Day trying for the same 2 you want, but really any Christmas heroes because I still hadn’t gotten any. I didn’t get MN or Vela, but I did get Rudolph, Buddy, Santa Claus, and Sartana! My best ten pull ever!


Congrats, sartana is one I still need and she is avoiding tc20. Got lianna, Joon x3 and magni x2 but no sartana or marjana . Plus have the other good 5s except leo and elk(meh).

Only thing is Vela hits softer than Kadilen by quite a bit , 150% on 743 vs 190% on 696 (I think those are right). Any hotm is free and if I got MN it’s great but I know the odds.

Looking at Feb,Mar, I wonder if the jump will continue to April or if it’ll be a niche type hero like Grimble. I skipped Halloween on Kingston(mistake ) thought I’d go for neith since my yellow needs more help though now I have 2 dupe joons I didn’t have then. Neith got squished so I waited and in grimforest I got Grimble with a coin pull so I decided to wait for Vela. The Christmas heroes are better than the rabbits too . Eventually I have to use them and like someone said I am basically deciding to get my dawas now or later…lol. sad but true. I did simulated pulls at and in a 10x for Christmas I got buddy x2 and MN. In teltoc I got panther, falcon and jackal. Of course I also had tons of bad simulated pulls to remind me of that RNG .

I’d love MN or sartana/marjana but even a buddy would be nice. Glad you did ok but MN is evasive. Maybe next year ask Santa and be good maybe next Christmas!

Well April’s hotm is out it’s a yellow sniper that looks like a kunchen counter. I wanted neith for my yellows since I had lianna and Kingston was similar though I should have went for him. Neith w a mess but while Vela would be fine I could use another yellow besides Joon x 3(2 are still 1.1 from tc20 last month) and since leo won’t pop and I have Justice and Viv I think I’m waiting. Probably no MN anyhow so might as well get hotm that helps. Malosi is hotm name FYI. Not super but solid attacker.