🐰 Springvale 2019: Jack O'Hare – Thoughts & Discussion

Point well taken.
4 months in my SH will 20 in 5 days
Then I have whatever time to get my TC to 20
Then I can try my luck at TC20 for 5*s

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@Vinny00193, I like Hansel and Gretel a lot. Have only just used them a little in wars as I barely have Gretel above the 2nd level bar but they are great. I tend to do better with single pulls but if I’m feeling risky, I’ll go for a 10 pull and it got me Master Bun Bun ^_^. Generally I’ll do pulls late at night and have better luck than any day time pulls I have. I’m in Chicago.

@Kona Really I’m in Milwaukee

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I can’t believe it: During Teltoc and wasted 11.500 gems trying to get Guardian Jackal - and failed. Here I use two hero coins and get this useless bunny…

So today I got my second Jack. I got Horghall at 2-60, Caedmon on 4-65, gobbler and Skittleskull at 1-1. Mnesseus at max, rest just the normal 3*s.

Is Jack worth it? Once? Twice?

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Tarlak should be back in Atlantis as featured next month.


Based on the majority of the posts in this thread the answer would be one for sure, some like more for giggles.

For sure. But the main problem is whether we will be able to pull the heroes we wanted even with 100 try.
Tough luck…

This is what I was speaking to.

If you meant it in the sense of “who knows when I might be successful in summoning one of these heroes?” Then yeah, even at his peak probability he’s very hard to get. But that’s when he will be around again at the highest probability he gets to.


Bought all the offers on springvale so far for Atlantis and Avalon. I am going to try for Tarlak and kage. Then Guin and co on the Avalon. 100 pulls and I am done. About time to turn to f2p…lol.


Nice! A lot of people really seem happier as F2P. I wish you much luck in your summons, and then I hope the F2P experience really agrees with you!


I replied to the poll, as I got him from a summons this event. I save my Epic Hero tokens for these, am really just looking to get whatever heroes are in them, not one in particular, so i had to figure out how best to answer the question of will I try for him.

He looks reasonably fun to use.

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I think saving at least one Jack is good. Currently saving 3, we’ll see how that goes. I know that I will probably keep two for sure (had 7…this game really wanted me to take this bunny! :rofl:)

And @Vinny00193, yay neighbors! I have my best pull luck at the beginning and end of events and generally from 10:30pm - 2:30am. Less people on in Europe and the USA so better pull chances

What is the connection? And where do you live?..

Not sure @Ace1001. I’m in Chicago and am just always lucky I. My pulls late at night, never mid day. I think fewer people on pulling, more chances for you to swoop in and get lucky. Just a theory. Seems to work for me.

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Pulled 3 of them and fed one away. Disappointed I wanted killhare and Lepus. But it doesn’t matter, still optimistic as I have Jean-francoise. His defence drop is going to turn into +42% defence. My JF and two jacks are going to have so much fun in the future wars

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