Sorting through my heros help

So I’ve been playing for some time now and I got quite a bit of hero’s and I’m not sure which ones work best with each other. If someone can tell me which heros specials best work together for things like titans and raids.

Get in an alliance. The advice in the forum, while generally good, can ome from too many angles leaving confusion as a result.

The other best thing you can do is take your heroes farming. When a special triggers, look at your team and the opponents to see the symbols that appear in the cards. Press down on a hero, and you will see what the flag/special is all about.

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I’m currently in a alliance and they help me plenty I came on here for different angles

You seem to have enough heroes to vary your attack team based on the color of the titan and the actual heroes of the team you raid.

For example for a green titan, you could take 3 of your best reds and two yellows or purples. For raids, try to take 2-3 of the opposite color of the tank (hero in the middle of the defense team) and/or a hero with a special that helps against the specials of the defence.

Don’t be afraid of trying combinations, some will fit your gamestyle better than others.

You seem to have a lot of partially leveled heroes. You might want to focus on 5 (one of each color if you feed same colors) - heroes are much stronger when they are fully finished compared to earlier stages. You can get more fun out of a strong 5 hero team, than 30 partially leveled.

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What area of the game do you want to improve on ?

For titans, you want to work on your wu kong as a priority.
Kiril and bold tusk for their attack buff
Grimm and gormek for their enemy defense debuff
Guardians falcon, jackal and panther for their colour specific defense debuff

You didn’t mention if you have ascension materials but I agree totally that you should focus on 1 of each colour

I would be working on

Yellow- wu kong , then finish chao and then guardian jackal
Purple - guardian panther then I’d do Sabina
Red - boldtusk (gormek or falcon if you don’t have the mats to ascend him)
Blue - finish Grimm then kiril
Green - finish little John


I agree with you for most of the heros you picked out except red. Ares is my favorite hero and when it comes to raids or even during titans he really helps out.

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As far as how your heroes work together, there are a couple basic principles to remember.

  1. Like buffs don’t stack. If you have an attack buff active and you fire off another one, it will override the first. If there is an attack debuff active, you can counter it with an attack buff, and vice versa. Same with other buffs and debuffs. Generally, if the symbol is the same (sword, shield, heart, etc), it will override.
  2. For defense, the AI fires charged specials from left to right. Arrange your heroes accordingly. For attacking, you choose when to fire them. Fire dispellers, cleansers, buffers and debuffers before hitters.
  3. Heroes fall into different categories based on their special abilities. Most 4 and 5* heroes fall into multiple categories.*
    -Healers. They heal your heroes of damage. Some heal all, some adjacent, some immediately and some over time.
    -Cleansers. They remove negative status effects from your heroes, same as an antidote would.
    -Buffers. They apply positive status effects to your heroes. They can boost attack, defense, or mana generation. They can block new negative status effects. They can share damage among all your heroes
    -Debuffers. They apply negative status effects to your opponents. They can drop attack, defense, or mana generation. They can blind or silence.
    -Dispellers. They remove positive status effects from your opponents.
    -Mana controllers. They slow or block your opponents from gaining mana and firing specials.
    -Hitters. These are your damage dealers. They can be snipers, who hit a single target really hard. They can be splash hitters, who hit one opponent and the heroes on either side of him. They can be Area of Effect (AoE) hitters who affect all of your opponents heroes. Sometimes they do all their damage up front, and sometimes they do Damage over Time (DoT).
    -Miscellaneous. These are the skills that don’t really fit into any other categories. Ameonna’s Ghost, Gobbler’s Minion Eater, and the various heroes who create minions fit in here. These heroes often have niche utility rather than general purpose utility.

A well balanced team will have a good mix of skills. For attacking, I like to run 1-2 healers, a buffer, a debuffer, at least 3 hitters, and sometimes a mana controller.

For example, on red titans, you could use:
Wu Kong (attack buffer that DOES stack with others)
Kiril (healer, attack buffer, defense buffer)
Grimm (defense debuffer, hitter) x2
Sonya (dispeller, hitter)


I wish everybody used terminology exactly this way to explain specials. The ways dispell and debuff have been twisted around called for the term cleanse to be added.

Your explanation is very good.

Adding the bit about how a buff can override a debuff an opponent has hit your team with as well as the reverse of how your debuff overrides an opponent’s own buff is all I missed here. Now, if you can make what I said coherent lol


Thanks. Edited to add that part

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@Rook, @Kerridoc, is there anything in player guides like what @NPNKY has written here?

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There are many player guides in there.

I’m happy to add it! May I suggest a bit of bold and italics to make certain things stand out?

I would, but I’m not sure how to add them from my phone. I know it can be done, but not how.

Try cutting just the definition portion as a quots in a thread labeled “guide”.

Thank you, both

I just added it to

But it deserves it’s own post as well.

@NPNKY why don’t you just add a post to player guides that is a simple cut and paste of your post above? I’ll relink if/when you do that.

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Rook, you just created another guide.

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