Need Assistance/Advice/Input Please!

I do hope this is the right place to post this. If not, then my apologies. I requested help a few months ago, but couldn’t post screen shots, so I am now. I have built up a couple of decent teams but I can’t seem to find decent synergy amongst any of them. If anyone is so inclined to take a look at my screen shots and give me their opinion on which they would place as the following:
Defense Team
Raid (offensive) Team
War Defense Team (if different from regular defense team)
And any other advice is always welcome.

Do u have any criteria on color choices? (EG: Does it need to be a rainbow defense team?)

Does ur current alliance have any tank color requirements?

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For a future defense team once leveled up:

Defense team till you level up:

War defense can be the same unless a war strategy requires e.g. a different color of tank.

Attack team against e.g. a blue tank:


To add what others have said, finish your Wu Kong, and use him for all your Titan hits no matter the color of the Titan.

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Except rare yellow… it reflects lol

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No. There are no requirements and I don’t really have a preference. …I like having the rainbow when I raid so I can utilize all tiles but it’s not necessary.


Thanks so much for your advice! Much appreciated

Will do. I sometimes doubt Wu and replace him, but then I always go back to him. Thanks for the advice!