Help with Heroes and teams

Can someone please help me with which heroes go together well
And what teams I should create with the heroes that i have.
This is my first post so please let me know if i am posting In the correct location. Thanks




Yes here are my heroes and terms


List item


Hey @Maximal I would set your defense team to Boldtusk/ Isarnia/ Li Xui/ Rigard/ Skittleskull . When looking at heroes for raids or map play, try to combine specials like 1 healer, 1 attack buffer, and 1 defense debuffer. Nice group of heroes you have there. I’d focus on Boldtusk and Wukong. They are very versatile. Hope this helps!

On team 2 I would remove one healer either red or green and replace with a fast hero from team 3. I would use Kellie (red 4 star) that way you green healer can still remove buffs and it gives Broil and your yellow player a second fighter to increase their attack

Maxie, not sure why, but I feel you are not in an alliance. If that is true, all you have to form are a team to farm with and a team to raid with. The def team buttstuff suggests is fine since I don’t think it is a priority.

A team of Bold tusk, Grimm, Li Xiu, Rigard and Skittleskull is a good starter team. A stronger yellow will be needed as you raid higher, but Li is great farming.

And, if you are not in an alliance, start shopping for one. They all want you, so it is a seller’s market.

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Thank you very much. This really helps me to better focus my efforts.
Interesting that not much was said about Magni, any suggestions on what to do with him, he is a fast 5 star so should be a great addition, just don’t know where would be best.

Much Thanks,

Magni is a great hero! Probably not suggested because at the higher cup levels he’s very easy to kill unless you can get him to 4/80. In gold and early platinum (or lower) he ought to be pretty good if you can bring him to 3/70. It’s just that 5* heroes take so many resources to level that it’s usually better to focus on a strong 4* team first.

Thanks Thank you very much for the explanation, i better understand it now.
I have him in the lower teams and will level up gradually over time.