Help: Are my heros fine?

Hey Community,
I am new to the game I would like to know your opinions about my team and the rest of my heros, any suggestion from people with experience is welcome … Thank you guys !

From my experience I would level wu-Kong and boldtusk like crazy🤪


Yes. Wu kong and BT. Also Grimm.
Purple is a bit difficult. Cyprian would be best in a defense team. Sabina is a better healer than BT and her buff removal is handy, but with Boldtusk and Kashhrek you already have the heal covered. Tiburtus is a tiny bit worse than Grimm, but so far your best offensive purple.

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They’re all fine.

Prior to Sabina, Grimm, Boldie, Kash, Wu and place them as defense in that exact order.

A solid 4* rainbow kinda oldschool, but still well playable.

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Once Wu Kong is maxed, move those Monk emblems from Bane to Wu.

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Your heros are fine :grinning:
Are you in an Alliance and pushing for six useable War teams?
My humble advice, at your level, is to stop worrying about that. 5 max leveled heros will generally serve you better right now than six very underleveled ones. And you don’t have any ‘stinkers’ in your top lineup, so finish them.
When a certain color feeder pops out of tc1 or tc2, put them into the same color hero.
Purple: Prioritize Sabina over Tib for the heals.
Yellow: throw them into Wu
Blue: finish Ulmer…then decide(Grim is never a bad choice)
Red: Finish Gormek and then Boldtusk, Boldtusk, Boldtusk
Green: The lizard is the defense hero you need right now.

Hope it helps! Congrats on getting the three main Ramming Pulverizers, too! Took me forever to get that set of Titan thumpers.
Good luck and also, congrats on NOT eating Bane or Wu like some of us did way back in the day! #chaoWasntWorthIt :joy:

Enjoy your day.


Thank you a lot a guys, That was helpful !! You are life saviors

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