Can someone help me with my team

Please help… I’ve been playing for a while now just to past the time but now i see its a method to the game but I don’t know what that method is… thanks

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Everything depends of what do you want to accomplish on the game and how committed do you want to be.
are you playing for fun or want to be competitive?
how much money do you want to spend?
Define what are your goals and then we can talk about strategies


What exactly do you need advice for? Setting up your defense team? Composing offensive teams for raid, wars and tournaments? Titan teams? Which heroes to level up?

I’ll give you the usual advice: prioritize 3* and 4* first, they’re much faster to level up (though I can see you already have a fair amount of 4* and a few 5* maxed).
You want to have 30 usable heroes for wars asap, and the vast majority of the game’s content is accessible to 4* heroes, which will help you accumulate the necessary materials to progress.

A focus on titan teams is also important. Titans are one of the main sources of unfarmable materials needed to ascend heroes.
Ideally, you want a hero who increases tile damage (normal attack), a hero who lower the enemy’s defense, a hero who lowers the enemy’s elemental defense (defense against a specific color) and a hero who increases your team’s attack in each color. You then include them in a team with 5 heroes of the strong color against the titan.
If you don’t have all of these in every color, try to find the best combination while using as many heroes of the strong color as possible.


I took a better look at you roster and you can forget about elemental defense down for now, as you don’t have any hero who does that yet.

You have only one tile damage buffer (Wukong). You should include him in all your titan teams.

You have a defense down hero in 4 colors: red (Gormek), green (Marcel), blue (Frank), purple (Cheshire Cat). Max them out asap. Defense down is one of the most important skills in the game, against titans or otherwise (except Cheshire Cat, who is only really useful against titans).

You have an attack up hero in 4 colors: red (Boldtusk), green (Brienne), blue (Kiril), yellow (Kara). Same advice as above. Very good heroes, useful in all aspects of the game.

So for instance, your red titan team (the one you’ll use against green titans) should be: Wukong/Boldtusk/Gormek/your 2 red heroes with the highest attack stat (I’m guessing it’s Scarlett and Russell). Use the same pattern for the other 4 colors.

Advice unrelated to titans: priotize Proteus. Blocking mana is an extremely valuable skill and will allow you to punch above your weight.


Thanks for the feedback. Im trying to compete but not trying to spend too much money. Also what would be the best defense team and what team can i use to beat season 4 final boss?

Focus on levelling 3 x 3* rainbow teams and 4 x 4* Rainbow teams.
They will get you the mats from the tournaments and events to level your 5* heroes.
From your roster that I can see. I would level up:
5* Kara
5* Domitia and her costume
4* Boldtusk and his Costume
4* Proteus
4* Sapphire
4* Tiburtus
4* Ameonna
The Costume for 4* Kelile
The Costume for 4* Li Xiu
The costume for 4* Wu Kong
The costume for 4* Colen
The Costume for 4* Frank
The Costume for 3* Hawkmoon
The Costume for 3* Brienne

Then come bask and ask about levelling again


If you mean competing with the very top, I’m afraid it won’t be possible without spending a hefty amount. Otherwise, there’s a lot of areas you can compete in with moderate to no spending.

Tough one. I don’t see an ideal defensive setup, but I’d probably go with: Zila Lei/Li Xiu/Costume Rigard/Russell/Balbar.

Or maybe try Mist instead of Li Xiu and/or Chakkosrot instead of Costume Rigard if you’re not satisfied with the results.

I’m not the best person to ask that, I’ve only beaten it on easy mode. But you’ll struggle mightily without a hero who destroys or prevents minions (costume Gormek and Captain of Diamonds are the most accessible). Check this thread out for ideas on team composition:

IMO don’t touch her if you don’t have her costume (and even then it is to be well thought). Even Fura will be better choice. But first finish what you started in purple - Cyprian and Rigard.