Sorcerer emblems - Who will get/keep those?

I don’t know how is it in your roster but mine… there is a big lack of sorcerers. My only ones are Sabina, Cho-Chin and Jahangir. Rangers (Evelyn, Lianna, Gregorion, Seshat, Red Hood, Tibs, Triton, etc.) and paladins (Frida, Aegir, Richard, Falcon, etc.) are coming in hoards.

Sabina and Jahangir are maxed, +20. Chochin now is on his way up to.


But then, I was lucky enough to get Natalya this atlantis around. So my plan is to emblem her with all of my sorcerers emblems. Is it a good choice or not? I’ve got reset emblems to do that.

Sabina is quite good but I only use her several times in war, not everytime. Otherwise I had a lot of better ones to use.

Has somebody experiences with them emblemed? Sabina or Natalya? Which one would you chose?

Thanks in advance.
Happy holidays!

Hey, @Ituri, congratulations on landing Natalya! I’ve long coveted one for those pesky corner revivers.

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I think you should keep them as is if you rely on Jahangir and Chochin regularly for tournaments and events. Otherwise, strip them. Personally, I have never emblemed a three star, as I feel the rewards are insufficient and I have enough fun / am competitive enough without emblems.

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Since Sabina sees use in war, I’m inclined to leave her as is. I think for me it would come down to whether or not she is still a staple on your dark titan team. If so, that’s an extra usage a week (and an important one).


I love the idea of embleming her, as it will boost her DoT. I’d strip the three stars, but regardless of how you decide on the rest of your sorcerers, there’s no reason she shouldn’t get all of them going forward (that is, STOP embleming Chochin).


I am in the same situation like you used to be. But for tournaments it is important the emblemed heroes to be balanced. Especially 3* ones. The most important reason being your defense, which will be constantly attacked by stronger opponents than it should be. Because every tournament, the defenses are automatically chosen and based on that TP, they are attacked. So, it represents a mistake to emblem only 1-3 heroes so much and not the others. Especially if they are slow and rarely used.

So, after almost a year of experiments, I’ve come to the conclusion the rare heroes should be stopped at +9 for the most efficient roster. Not more than this, to have also emblems for epic and/or legendary heroes. But still emblemed, for a better score in tournaments and easier attacks. With emblems or not, comes a day when the player faces 2900+ teams in attack. Would you prefer to face them with 2400+ or 2600+ like me?

For one, I kept till last month my 3* at +6 but I decided +9 for all is the most effective rare roster. And yes, I have emblems for epics too. And for legendaries, since all important ones are +10 - +12.

As for sorcerer, like I said, no 5* option. I emblemed a Sabina +20 and will remain so, no matter what. She is a great healer and dispeller. And I keep the rest of the emblems for the day I’ll have a 5* sorcerer. I do not put them more than +9 on my rare heroes, because would be a mistake, as I explained above. This is what I’ve done and I always seek to bring the best efficiency in my roster. And if I were you, I would let Sabina +20, balance the rare heroes (for easier tournaments and event challenges) and then I would emblem Nat.


Keep them all on Sabina and maybe take some from Jahangir imo – unless you compete in Rare challenge events, as Jahangir is the best choice for a wide area attack in red 3* color.

But I think keeping them on Sabina is better. She is just going to become more valuable the more emblems she has. I know a few players like to maximize her offense (as her stats lean that way) but I personally went towards the defense survival path with her instead (I suspect most players did).

You are indeed lucky to have Natalya though. She should be your next choice.


Thanks for your responses. It really is weird to have so less opportunities to make a great sorcerer.

I still have to think about it. I wasn’t ready to power level, so Natalya is still in 3/fortysomething.

I’ll test her in raid and war situations.

I got Nat as well and by virtue of her being my only 5* mana controller barring Leonidas (who is okay but not stellar) she will get the rings. Considering I have Cheshire Cat at +19 and consider activating last of his node just not worth the price, I will give her emblems as well… However I don’t like taking emblems from other heroes, so I would not reset anyone, especially if you seriously compete in Challenge events or RT. IF not, then I would reset Jahangir, but not Sabina, because imho she is better than Melendor (without his costume, at least).

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