Giving Sabina emblems?

Ok. This is rhetorical In a sense that I’ve already have her at 4/70+9. But with this current roster . Would anyone feed her more,or save any sorcerer Emblems I get in the future. I have 40 currently.Uploading: 39BDDF46-9549-4B7C-BABB-C604D1DC417C.png… Uploading: 9B36DD21-943A-46BE-98A0-961A454F5889.png… Uploading: D42B19E3-19F0-4AEF-8694-8170F31D8A52.png…

Mitsuko is first priority for sorcerer , second is Sabina then Anzogh , this is mine , need 4 more emblem to max 20. Tier-20 will give here 4% mana regen and if you combine it with Mana Troop , she will be Fast Mana Healer+Debuffer

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Nice. The 4* troops have eluded me at this point. I have two holy 4* mana troops,& two critical chance fire 4* troops. I do have anzogh . But he is only at 2/30. So I guess she’ll still get to eat

Anzogh is a magician, not a sorcerer :wink:


It looks like the pics didn’t successfully upload.

Unless you’re flush with 5* heroes, embleming your 4* is the better call. Sabina is a great anti-Gun card with emblems.

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I do have kadelien as well . 5* nature

Well then. I do have kiril at 4/70+9. Should I save the rest of my wizard emblems for anzogh,or keep going with kiril?


20 Kiril characters


Wizard *4 should be go for Proteus , he is insane and close to Hell by stats

here is mine


Ok. I don’t have him . I have kiril. Play with what you have . But I am doing another 10 pull this month at Atlantis. . Thank you guys

Mine is +13. Her tiles hits like a mule. I also have Thoth-Amun (3/70, dark sorcerer too) and I’m debating with myself whether to ascend him or not. If I’ll go with Toth he will replace Sabina and she’ll have to say goodbye to her shiny emblems.

how depth your rosters ? if you got limited *5 then better emblem your *4 , emblemed *4 would be good additional especially in AW Offense

keep in mind that *5 Tier-7 = *4 Tier-18

Tier-7 mostly give 36 Atk , 18 Defense , 36 Health for *5
compared with *4 will give around 30 Atk , 126 Defese , 103 Health for Sabina at Tier-18

This is it. Best thoughts on how to get stronger the fastest way

Just a thought… You may need a separate thread as your post is about Sabina emblems but now you are asking for hero roster advice - No?

Point taken . Will start a new thread .

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