Emblems on Jahangir

Does anybody use Jahangir? Just for rush tournies or?

I am tempted to dump sorcerer emblems on him but seems wasteful if hes pretty much only for non-blue 3* rush tournies… I already have Squire Wabbit, 2 Rudolphs, Namahage, Ei-Dunn and Costumed Hawkmoon maxed so it’s not like I needed another 3* red but there you have it.

Do you have any other sorcerers that aren’t costumes?

not enough of them!!! my only 5* is quintos, my only 4* sabine and skittles, and then I have this dude and a couple purple 3* sorcs.

I’m mostly curious about this dude though.

I sue him sometimes in rush attacks. I used him early in Tavern of Legends. He’s one of my few current “keeper” heroes that doesn’t have his first node unlocked - and I’m someone who has a lot of heroes at first node.

I’d recommend saving them to spend elsewhere.

I put him to +18.
Aside from Sabina and some 5*s there aren’t a lot of Sorcerers worth talenting

I’ve given emblems to Gill-Ra, skittles, quintus, and chochin. No regrets. I don’t have Jahangir, but really don’t find him too concerning in tourneys and don’t miss him for events. Gill-Ra on the other hand is pretty rad to have powered up. Not many defense down heroes is the 3* arena


Yeah I wouldnt emblem him gilra is the only one I would out of 3* and wouldnt take her to 18 maybe 9. She awesome. Sorcerer is hard one I took ghosty to 18 but she hits like a truck on titans dead or alive or better ghost

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He’s okay… I’d probably put Sabina to +20 before even thinking about cutting him in.

Almost all my sorcerer emblems are on Locke.

meh alright, no need drop emblems on this dude. Was just a thought lol.

I think after Sabina, I will work on Skittles, I use her costumed form for the rush tournaments anyway.

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With costume it doesn’t take much mana troop to be effectively average anyway… And then there’s bonus stats.
I’d never been a skittles fan, but with costume there’s a case to be made.

The other 4* that makes his case is CCat… But since Tibs got his costume bonus, putting emblems on the kitty for titans only starts to feel a bit futile.

There’s some great 5* heroes that would be worthy, but they’re mostly very hard to get hold of (eventers like Locke, LoTL, Rumple, Morgan or S2/S3 like Ursena, Mitsy or Norns).

yeah , I just have quintos lol ursena would be nice to have though

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Aye :stuck_out_tongue:

Quintus is “okay” if you’ve got the costume to help boost his speed and stats… He’s still outshone by Killhare though.

Norns is on my list of potential maxes coming up, at that point I’ll have to decide whether to emblem them or not - I don’t really want to reset Locke because she’s squishy even with emblems, but the DoT is huge and cleanse is valuable to me on attacking heros (almost maxed second Kong now)

quintos, early on, paired with isarnia used to awesome. these days, he is mostly a novelty for rush tournies although his high attack is good for titans. his costume is near the bottom of the list of costumes I want though. turning him into a squishy horghall seems pretty dumb. that said, that’s basically what candy skittles is too.

maybe in 2 more years, season 4 will be loaded with sorcs and we will all be ready :rofl:

TBF most of the costumes are worth maxing purely to enhance the base form… Quintus doesn’t look like he’d be any different to me.

given how much more creative the costumes have been in the second batch, it does seem like more thought could have been put into the one for quintos. I think they could have turned him into a 5* proteus with dot damage and mana control, that would have been very well received given how difficult it is to get Hel. Or they could have turned him into a slow sniper with an outrageous damage multiplier. They could have given him the Sumle treatment with increasing damage for the number of dead enemies. Pretty much anything but becoming horghall, who is arguably the second weakest season 1 5*, next to khagan.

Most people already got into reasons, but I would agree with the NO crowd. Specific 3* tournies aren’t enough use IMO to warrant an emblem allotment. Outside of those tournies he is a pretty squishy 3* with slow mana, which is a bad combo.

I recall his attack stat being high though. Similar to how @Dudeious.Maximus and I talented Ameonna for tile damage regardless of if the hero dies or not. Not sure Jahangir is quite at that level though. Even if he his currently, I am certain you’ll get better tile stacking heroes soon.

Let us know what you do, good luck out!

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