3* Sorcerer worthy of emblems?

I know - 3* may not be worthy to emblem for many, but as an almost F2P player, I find myself with over 200 Sorcerer emblems, and it will be a very long time before I am able to both obtain a 4*, get materials to ascend a 4*, and the ressources to spend to use the emblems.

But I find myself not really sure how to spend the emblems; the sorcerers available seem, well, rather dull, to me! Is that the case?

I see


None of them interest me very much!

But I might just be blinded by their art work or something… :blush:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Of that group Gil-Ra has the most long term use. It is smart to get a good stable of 20 or so leveled 3’s prior to working on 4’s. At the 3* level no one else matches Gil-Ra’s ability to impact all enemies. I could focus on D and HP nodes, her A value is meaningless. Her benefit carries into the time you mix 4’s in as well.

If you have a deeper stable of maxed 3’s Chochin is a solid accompanying piece. Especially on elemental enemy and event stages.

Graymane and Jahangir have their place, they just never did it for me. Not a fit for my play style. Jahangir does have a high A value for what that’s worth :man_shrugging:

Lots of F2Pers here lurking, so don’t be shy to post.

Good luck!



Gill-Ra and Chochin are definitely the most versatile of those 4*.

Both are quite tanky (Gill-Ra especially makes a nice tank in Very Fast tourneys).

What Muchacho said above - you can’t really go wrong with either.


Are there any S3 hero’s that are sorcerer the ones I have ain’t?
Costumes I have hawkmoon but you have to use cleric emblems.
As stated gilra and chochin are good both are handy in different ways I’d maybe give gilra the egde.

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Love this reply too!


Personally I think Jahangir is worth embleming, and I will be fully embleming him now that my only non-3 option Quintus has been max emblemed.

Jahangir will repay the investment for you in 3* rush tournies in particular (great as a tank as well as in offence), decent in bloody battle tournies, and I have also found him to be strong in the 3* challenge events.

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He is deadly on 3* tourney v.fast mana. Buff him with emblems


I use Jahangir a lot in very fast tourneys, he’s definitely quite deadly there as well.

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Thank you so much for all your responses. Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good to know they are worth it! Will add those I have already to the levelling queue. :wink:

I thought I had such a great plan putting the sorcerer emblems on costumed Hawkmoon at first indeed - since I was convinced that was a major point of the whole costume idea; that you could use different emblems than the original class!

Oh, well :slight_smile:

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