Sonya to 4^70 vs. King A to 3^70?

Sonya currently at 3^60, and King A is coming up slowly. I have the mats to ascend Sonya. I’m not going to have the mats to fully ascend King A for some time, so I’ve got this dilemma. I can’t find any partial ascention stats for King A yet.

Also can I afford to lose the fast dispel for King A’s admittedly wicked punch and defense combo? Maybe just sub in Sonya when I’m up against an Ares or other buff reliant defense?

The rest of the team would be:
Tibby - [Blue]- Boldtusk - Alberich - Wu Kong

This would be my base all-purpose team, subbing in Jackal, Sabina, Lancelot, and Little John as strong color doubles on titans and opposing tanks.

someone posted into the spreadsheet here Ascension 4 and 5 star heroes - Google Sheets

that Arthur’s 3/70 stats are Attack 590 Defense 609 HP 1110
compared to sonya at Attack 607, defense 731 HP 1011

Sonya’s going to be tougher. Her special is fast but weaker (607 x3.45 = 2094 damage). Arthur’s special is average but does 4.88x590 = 2879 damage.

Do Arthur; you can sub in Sabina when you need a dispel.

Sonya is useful raid attack and less so elsewhere: Arthur useful in all phases of the game, and really good too for that matter.

Salt in wound. :frowning:

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What what? :slight_smile:

Remember all I wanted from the event was Arthur, did 140 event pulls, didn’t get him or Guen? That’s the wound. Seeing anyone with Arthur is the salt. :tired_face:


Oh much love bud! Sowwy!

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just kidding…

not really… :wink:


You know that’s the second time someone’s pointed me to that spreadsheet, but I guess I didn’t reload it for the update. sigh

Okay, Thanks both of you! I will work on King A then! I wanted to do that anyway because he’s cool, but now I feel validated!

So that settled, help with a bit of positioning on defense?

I’m thinking…

Tibs, Boldtusk, King A, Alby, Wu Kong

…to get King A lots of hits - but maybe I should swap BT and King A? Fully ascended BT and 3^70 King A are virtually the same stats.
Also, for defense, sub in Jackal or Chao (both 3^60) for Wu? I’ve got LiXiu who I’ll eventually bring up for defense, but the priority is Wu right now.

BT is your tank. he’s way more tanky at 70 than arthur.

Wu Kong sucks on defense when you aren’t built to showcase him, I’d rather have Chao in there

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lol.first event summon I did I got KA… here’s your salt :laughing: sorry

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