Help ascending a couple of heroes

I’ve got the materials to ascend 2 of my 4*. As you can see, I’ve got several candidates. I’m leaning towards 2 of either Sonya, Sir Lancelot or Rigard. Any suggestions?

Definitely Rigard - cleanse is awesome.

I don’t know Lance very well, other than he is pretty easy to beat on Avalon.

Sonya is solid and useful but I’d get a more informed opinion on Lance first


I would absolutely go Rigard first. After that, I’d go Sonya. I’d then do Lancelot 3rd, but that depends on anything you might have gotten in the interim.

I would have said almost identically what @JonahTheBard said. Leveling Rigard now, and stopped leveling Domitia to do it. He’s very good.

Don’t have Lance, so I can’t tell you much about him, but I have a maxed and emblemed Sonya, and I like her quite a bit more than I expected to.

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