Ascension of Older Hereos

I’m a really cheap C2P. I usually only buy the discounted VIP passes. Recently I got my first event and seasonal heroes, but I’m not sure I should level them all the way. They seem to just be okay when compared to the new shiny heroes. My question is should I wait or ascend the ones I have. I have the mats to ascend a blue, red, and, purple 5*. My alliance fights 8*-9* titans, and I have most all good the 4*s fully ascended. It would be great to get any thoughts.

Blue: I have King Arthur at 3/70 (also have Isarina at 3/70). 4/80 are Miki, Magni (2x), Vela.
King Arthur is good, but I think really shines in titans. If I have Miki should I still get KA all the way up?

Purple: I have Victor at 3/70 (also have Zulag, Quintas, and Domitia at 3/70). 4/80 are Clarissa, Sartana (x2).
I was super excited about Victor, but have trouble getting his power to really help take down a hero.

Red: I have Reuben at 3/70 (also have Azlar, Khagan 3/70). 4/80 are Marjana, Elena.
My reds really struggle. Reuben is okay at best, but maybe I should go with him because I lack anything else.

Green: 4/80 are Heimdall, Lianna-C (x2), Mad Hatter
Yellow: 4/80 are Vivica, Bai Yeong, Leonidas

King Arthur for sure. Red titans will HATE you with that team. As long as you have a good amount of purple 4 star heroes, I think victor is the best of those personally. I’d wait on red unless you have 10 or more rings…if so I like Rueben compared to the other 2.


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King Arthur works great on titans at 3/70. Since you face 8-9*, he has no trouble staying alive against those. If you can get KA shaved a tile to fire 1-2 with Magni that would be a great combo.

Victor is not meant to snipe down heroes, he is utility. Works great to counter def down and for field aid wars.

Reuben can probably help you a lot with GTV teams if you play in high Diamond raids, stack him with Marj and Elena and maybe another like a BT-C. He will keep your team alive longer. If you ever pull the Azlar costume, he becomes a beast. Reuben will probably be my next red.

Other things to always consider on finishing a 5* is how much you can emblem them, and what you have for mana troops. Slow heroes who become 10 tile fills (Mana-23 + costume + talent) are really good. But that requires the costume, and it looks like you only have Lianna.

If you’re worried about ascension remorse, wait on blue and purple until you have 10+ mats.

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Thanks for the ideas. I have mana troops for each color at around 20. Still working to get them to 23. That should help KA get to 9 tiles.

I am still an on the fence for Victor. Sounds like his strength is in countering heroes like Finley, Frigg, Kunchen etc. Which I do see a lot in diamond raids. I use Sartana-Vela-Heimdall-Marjana-Lianna-C for raids and it keeps me in diamond.

I think for reuben I will try out a bit at 3-70. I think he okay with the GTV, but I think the meta is shifting away to more fast hard hitters like Frigg, Odin, and tons of minions. Do you think that is the correct assumption?

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