Some help and opinion here please!

Hey guys, i need some opinions and suggestions here, this is my current defense team, it worked for a while, but now seems not so strong, i was thinking about some heroes i have, here’s my options, Joon and Guardian Chamaleon (i have all items but still need to max up them), another Lianna, Clarissa, Magni, Vivica, Margaret, Leonidas and Raffaele. I was thinking about max up Guardian Chamaleon and put him as Richard’s left flank, i have a lot of emblems to Richard (lv12), and for GC (lv 11)…thoughts Screenshot_20200717-092720

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I used to think that G. Chameleon could make a good defender due to his stats, but I just don’t think he belongs on defense after testing him in the previous beta that buffed his color change turn duration. His effect can be worked around by the opponent and manipulated to their advantage.

Don’t let that deter you from maxing him though. He is a tough to use but rewarding hero on offense. He has some unique synergies with heroes that have elemental attributes in their skills – for e.g, if you stack 3-2, you can use him on a green+purple team with heroes like Clarissa. You can then make purple enemies yellow and hit them harder.

For defense, I’d say you should swap Domitia for Clarissa. That’s gonna give you an emblem conflict with Richard, but I’m having a hard time seeing another way for you to avoid one since most of your good defenders share classes.


I would swap Clarissa with Domitia as suggested. I would also max Raffaele and replace Richard. I would strip Richard of Paladin emblems and give them to Clarissa. This would diversify your defense team classes and give you a healer and overall faster mana defense team.

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Honestly, I think you may have the best defense as is. No on Chamaleon, he’s not difficult to beat at all. Clarissa could be better than Dom. Joon could be better than Neith. But neither make a HUGE gain for your D.


I am newer than some, only playing for about 6 months, but it appears that your “defense” team doesn’t have any specialist defenders, like Melindor at the 4 star level. Clarissa would be a positive addition, but she’s not really defense oriented either. Just a thought.

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hmmm… interesting, i never thought of this side of GC on defense team, but makes sense, it depends of who’s attacking, i use him sometimes against green titans. And about the emblems, yes, it’s a real headache when we have more than 1 hero of same class, i have a lot of useless barbarian emblems for Richard, i would love to be able to decide wich emblem to use, well, i’ll change Domitia for Clarissa and see what happen, i still need a strong tank, but the game goes on, let’s wait few more, thanks for the tips

I’m changing Domitia for Clarissa, but Raffaele still being just meh on defense team, I tried to use as tank, but simple green 4* heroes are enough to beat him, he’s a bit better as flank

I made this changes between Domitia and Clarissa, and I’m starting to max up Joon, after this topic I decided not to use GC on defense

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When you play at diamond, some heroes like Melendor are useless, not because they’re bad, but because they’re weak, we need aggressive and tactical heroes to use on defense team

Richard is an OK tank, haven’t come across Raf at tank in diamond - Richard on the other hand, yes. :thinking:

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I agree with pp that Chameleon is not great on defence as good timing when firing the special is crucial. Same applies to Raffaele, to a lesser extent. I agree with you about Melendor, although he’s a whole load tougher with his costume.

I have Joon on defence myself, as I don’t have Neith, but do find Neith quite annoying to fight against.

Just wondering how anyone who is good at this stuff feels about swapping Lianna and Marjana, putting the green and blue adjacent? Make much difference at all?

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Richard with costume it’s a common tank, not the best but a good tank, and Raff is really hard to find someone using him as tank, I tried but he’s very vulnerable, he play better as flank

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Yes Neith it’s a headache when she fire, I like her, if you’re battling against an team with her, you need to kill her fast, and her skill already saved me many times on raids and wars, but the problem is, she’s not so strong, and Neith and Lianna are the same class, so it’s very hard to emblem both, and about Marjana and Lianna, I like to use Marj as flank cuz she has more HP and she burn the target while Lianna just hit the target…

Joon, Clarissa, Magni, Marjana, Lianna – left to right

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Joon’s blind does come in handy too, and his monk resistance of course (if you don’t have the costume - I don’t).

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I don’t have costume, but I have a lot of emblems to use, almost 800, I think he’ll be at lv11 or 12

Right aggressive huh, I love it, just wondering if Magni will work fine as tank, well, i’ll try when I finish Joon

Why Richard is in his costume form? For me Richard is more dangerous with paladin class ability)

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Of course paladin class is better for defense, but as barbarian he deals more damage and the defense is a bit more strong than the original