Help! ¿Can this team work for raid defense?

I’m levelling this heroes, ¿do you think is great for my defense team?
¿Do you think the order is correct? I appreciate a lot your help and suggestions!


Edit: I have all classic heroes, suggestions or is a good team?? thanks!!

Without knowing the rest of your roster, that order seems fine to me for those 5*s

I have all the classics, any suggestion or is a god team just like that??
I have the materials to level one of each colour rigt now

All classic 5*s ? If so;

I’d personally put Richard over Isarnia in that team, just so your center doesn’t have two slow heroes

I was considering the same… the thing is that I already have Thorne (+10)maxed and it seems very similar to Richard, that’s why I decided Isarnia, because of her attack

Thorne should work too if you don’t want to shift emblems. :slight_smile: hits harder than Richard but is a bit less sturdy and comes with no second effect

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