I need help building my defense team

ok, here we go. the problem is i don t have a clear choice as tank so this is hard.

what i have:

red: mitshuko, jean
blue: richard with c, vela, frida
green: atomos
dark: seshat, clarissa
yellow: sir rostley, joon

sir roostley, richard, frida and clarisa are paladin. so i only have one in the team. every other hero is at 16+ emblems. Thank you, doesn t matter if i have 2 blues or 2 dark…i can accept :slight_smile:

If i were you , despite id max all of them soon or later id set a core around Atomos.

Something like this.

Joon seshat/Clarissa Atomos Vela Jean Francois

Atomos seems to be fine after buff , not telluria level but still very serviciable . I dont own him so its only assumptions.

good luck and nice heroes by the way :wink:


Seshat Frida Atamos Vela Joon
Clarissa JF Atamos Vela Joon

Either should hold you around 2500-2550

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I’ll connect to this topic, I like it very much :slight_smile: so my Heroes are:

Ur opinions? Thx in advance.

Which is your current set up defense team?
It seems to be that your tank choices would be either Justice or JF (if you pick def/hp path).

Tib costume, Sif, zimkitha ariel caedmon. Earlier zimkitha ariel justice Jean Marie T

@Lexxtarc and @Killen-time thx for answersing. you both were right, i have atomos at +19 def and health path and i am at 2500-2600 cups, as tank . next to seshat, mitshuko, vela and joon .

let s say if i go to 2800 cups and log out i come back at a 16-12, 15-13 ori at worst 15-15 Win-loss.