Defense help minor adjustments needed

I know everyone is enjoying the JF thread, myself included…lol, but I’m wondering if I have my best heroes in raid def and if so are they in best order?

Rigard +20 Magni +11, Mitsuko +11 Lianna + 11 Joon +11

I do have Vivica +4, Domitia +11, Elkanen +4, Grimble 4.80, plus Melendor +20, Kiril +20, BT +8 and some other 5s at 3.70 but not good on def as well as other 4s from s1 some w emblems and all from s2 but Wilbur as well .

I hate having a defender as many don’t use one and really hate him in wing. I could use Domitia who is about 73x 73x 13xx stats if I put Vivica in for healer. Mits works fine and will be a hair under 800 800 1600 at +20 but that’ll be a bit. No sartana yet or marjana from tc20.
Richard, Isarnia could get maxed, Horghall too plus either khagan or Elena but don’t see any of them helping much. Justice could go to 3.70. also dupe joon and magni but in def they seem wasted.

It’s for raid def and I’m in diamond daily but just want to see if there’s a better setup or synergy I’m missing.


…we return you to the JF comedy thread :fire:

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I’d probly flank rigard and wing lianna in his current spot i believe

Double average in front 3 sure isn’t ideal but due to emblems it can be viable and mits does cut mana so can buy rigard extra time to fire

Plus i would rather flank a + 20 rigard than a slow mana vivica personally which is what would prevent me from running domitia

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Thx. I just can’t bring myself to use Vivica without costume on def. Kunchen works as purple plus def down but Viv just doesn’t without costume with all the purple attackers. I gave rigard the emblems over her too and have his costume in my alt hoping to get in in main.

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Viv or kunch in defense are tanks or bust in my opinion

But that’s just from my experience

Tanks they can cause some trip ups

But flanks it seems they fire too late to make a difference and same in wing of course

Opinions vary

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