Some advice with my defense please

This is my present defensive team.

I was fortunate to pull Magni out of a costume chamber and was impressed by all the hype when researching him. I speedily began leveling him and then his costume as a replacement for my beautiful Alice. But to my dismay when I put Magni in the right flank and GM at wing I lost approximately 100cups overnight. I immediately put Alice back in place.
Then came Morel from my one and only ever 30pull. Again while sniffing about the forums and internet for guidance I willingly began hastily leveling up this shiny new addition. I saw top tier alliance defenses with a majority having this blue creature in its lineup and I was enthralled. But after settling Morel into Alice’s spot on my team I was horrified to see that I again had lost a large number of cups within approximately a 24 hour time period. I even shifted Morel from wing to every other position except tank. But sadly it made no difference and more than 130 cups were lost.

I’m going to say that I’m missing something in the team dynamic. My guess is it’s the synergy of the heroes and how they work together and this is where I request advice and guidance from all those fantastic people I see helping others here in the forums.
Thank you in advance for your time, energy and kindness. :two_hearts:

I suspect attacking players might see Alice and think “Oh! An imperfect defense! My odds are higher on this one!” And they attack although they are unprepared. I believe she keeps your cups higher not because she’s more effective, but rather because she lures weaker attackers. I think highly of Alice, but her loss of fame can lead others to underestimate her.

When you use Magni or Morel instead with such a powerful lineup, you’re more likely to be attacked only by those with half the game’s miracle workers in their rosters.


Thank you for your insight. I hadn’t looked at it that way. After looking in my watchtower I do get raided consistently by players levels of 60 up to 104 (twice my level) but I was under the impression that raid matchmaking had more to do with cups as opposed to tp. Interesting indeed.

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Morel has def down so needs to be left. I would emb up moreau and tank. So heim-morel-moreau-prof-grave. my take, gl

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I have had Alice in my defense team for over a year now, I even limit broke her.
She is a bit on the side of a glass cannon (lower HP and Defense) because she is a pretty powerful snipe. The cool thing about her is the heafty Attack reduction and that it gets reset if the target is healed.
I agree with the above that people underestimate her and think she is weak only to be put down.
I got lucky on my first ever challenge event and pulled her and Queen of Hearts (haven’t seen any others from Wonderland since) and the two have been the basis of my defense team for most of my time on Empires and Puzzles.

Most of the time I lose from anti-minion teams or color stacks to take down Queen and/or Lady of the Lake.

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Very nice defense. I was also gifted QoH with Alice in my first wonderland event, she’s fantastic and I had her in my defense until GM came along. LotL is formidable. Thank you for your input, it’s much appreciated. See you in the game.

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Thanks, it is my intention to replace Moreau with xnonlaphod when I’m finished with him. Do you still feel I should rearrange my defense with this new information?

Where are you cups lost from and to?

For example I usually fill a chest before I hit the hay. So I’ll be around 2800+ when I’m done.

I know full well I’m going to hit back to between 2550 & 2650 or a loss of around 150 to 250 cups.

It’s natural and happen irrespective of you defence. Literally it doesn’t matter, you will lose them.

But the thing is if you don’t have issue filling the diamond chest then why does it matter? Cups are more or less irrelevant to me now, mostly I only care about the hams they have. I reroll not what the team is (because it makes no difference to me) but because it’s got low hams. I ideally want 40K food per hit and whilst rarer now I’ll happily only gain 5 cups for that…the revenge will take 50 cups back…who cares :person_shrugging:

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Your problem is your troops.
Rather than going for the shiny new toys, spend on your troops and get them to 29. That will quickly change the way your team defends.
Also, you need to give a weeks time to review your defense as raids are mostly lottery of the tiles that pop on your attackers board. My defense is pretty ordinary with 3 S1 Heros, but i stand around 2600 cups overnight if I don’t log out at 2800.
For me cups don’t really matter as drops don’t change once you are over 2400. Even the strongest defense crumbles on a good synergy aided by a good board.

Morel is a good hero on the left wing, so positioning is important as well.
Having 2 passive Heros(Heal/ Over Heal) defense gives me enough time to recover from a bad board and get control of the raid.

If i were to fight your team, I will go with a dispeller healer like C Mel and a def down hero and a snipper of same color. The other 2 will be supporting cast from the color of choice (mana control additional snipper).
Try moving the hero positions around and experimenting it for a week, you will see interesting results.

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I was saving my troop tokens for ninja portal. :blush:Thanks for your advice. I agree the troops make a difference I’ll keep working on it