Help with my defense team?

I’m thinking of taking someone out for magni, any ideas who? And should I be concerned that I’ll have two Blue heroes in my defense because one will have a weak troop?
Any advice greatly appreciated!

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The easiest fix on this defense team IMO is to swap Thot-Amun and Ariel’s spots. Except for the resurrection heroes like Alberich or Mother North, I don’t like healers in the wing myself, as usually their skill gets used too late in the match to be useful.

Magni doesn’t need to be in that defense team necessarily.

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Thoth is probably the prime candidate to get moved out? Although then enemies can stack purple…

With those six, maybe try

Liana - Ariel - Justice - Jean - Magni?

Or just swap Magni for Aerial?

Aerial is great, but probably a better flank

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Thanks, I had thoth there based on the assumption they’d colour stack against justice hitting thoth with some of them tiles charging up his super faster.

With magni on the wing he’d lose out on defense buffing a teammate, should that not matter here?

Only a little, given the alternatives imho :slightly_smiling_face:

Fast are well suited to wings because they are more likely to fire before the team is too badly damaged to matter.

The advantages of aerial and Jean at flank outweigh one more hero getting a Def buff, I think

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I agree Ariel should be flank. Fast snipers or resurrectors (Alby, MN) are best suited to wings.

Do on-colour tiles charge a defense hero faster than off-colour tiles?

If purple tiles hit a purple a hero it charges mana faster I’m pretty sure of that it does look like it.

I’ll have to pay more attention to that. I thought the advantage to dark flank with holy tank was the dark tiles did less damage.

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