Need your thoughts for my def formation

Hello everyone,

Been lucky enough to pull Alice 3 days ago & I will defo put her in my defensive team. The problem is to know where.

There are the 3 possibilities :

Formation 1

Formation 2

Formation 3

I really do think that Magni is a good flank but his low armor makes him vulnerable as f. He often fires his CS once then die. By puting him on a wing, I think that he’d survive better but then, Santa won’t enjoy his armor buff.

So… What do you think ? What formation would be the best for you, and why ?

Thanks for reading & telling me your thoughts !

Have a nice day

Edit : Alice will be 80 of course, just starting to think about it right now.

My vote goes to formation 3. Magni is squishy, yes, but I still think he loses potential value a lot if not put on the flank. Putting him on the wing (formation 2) should not do that much difference, especially since many attackers are likely to stack blue with Grimm/Athena against your Santa, or counter your 2 blues with greens that have Zeline and Evelyn, thus having the ability to revert or dispel Magni’s buff.

Following the 3-2 mindset, formation 1 would be more susceptible to teams of 3 blues and 2 greens to counter the blue flanks. Especially that there are some amazing greens like Tarlak or Evelyn (who can put her green debuff on both) to pierce through them with ease.

Congrats on pulling Alice, by the way.



Thank you for taking the time to read & answer me. I hope to have some more nice ppl like you who will tell their thoughts :blush:

My personnal one was the first one. Cause like u said, Magni on a wing is kinda an heresy but I do think that Alice can be more boring than Evelyn as a flank :frowning:

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You’re welcome. Of course it’s all theory and the game is random. Ultimately, what works for me the best is setting a defense for a few days and monitoring how it goes compared to other formations. You surely have the basics covered since you are aware that dispellers should be put on the left, so I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually.

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Yes, I’ll try of course !

But always cool to have some thoughts from other people :blush:

I’m voting for #1 option, my def team is littlie similar (green-red-blue-red-yellow) and it keepa me over 2500 cups if I raid 3-4 times in a day, without raids 2400-2500.
Btw my tank is probably more squichy than your Magni flank :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m staying above 2 500+ with Rigard / Evelyn / Santa / Magni / Leo so I hope to climb a bit by replacing Rigard with Alice :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your answer :blush:

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Rigard was my last 4* in defence team too :smile:

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Id say formation 3 is best.

How fast is Alice mana? If she is fast formation 3 if not formation 2.

She is fast
20 Alices

Yes fast like Radar1 said.

I see most of you guyz think the 3rd formation is the best. May I ask why you do think that Evelyn is a better flank than Alice ?

They will kill santa with blue heroes and after that they do half damage with the blues by evelyn. blue is weak against green.

Two heroes with the same color should be as far away from each other as possible. In your case is that Alice and Magni.

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Formation 3 is the best. Santa is hard to kill, if shielded by magni buff he is even tougher to be killed

Yes but blue on blue also does “ridiculous” damages & Alice would be more boring than Evelyn when firing her CS, no ?

Blue on blue is neutral, does normal damage.
That is possible. He could try both for a couple days!

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Thank you :slight_smile: 20 char blabla

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