@Fenix9119 Defence Advice Request

Hi Guvnor!! I wanted to ask u this question cause IMHO ur one of the most knowledgeable people on here…

I was lucky enough to get Magni ‘s costume this morning… Once I finish my Clarissa I’m gonna get started on both sides of Magni… I need 2 scopes to fully max him but I want to get started now on him… I want to ask u about placement… He’s gonna replace my Richard when he’s done… Would Costumed Magni work better on flank, so he’s D down can go off as much as possible, or on wing? Here’s my current team:

Seshat +9
GM +9
Telly +7
Richard +6
Neith +3

I’m looking for a yellow hero to replace Neith & eliminate that emblem conflict… I have Malosi 3/70 & Inari unleveled, just need 1 Dart but not sure about either of them… Malosi would conflict with GM, & Inari is passive…

With my current team I was thinking Costumed Magni might also work on wing too so Neith could fire more… Could I get ur advice on my thinking?

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Hiya @Fenix9119; shifted your thread so you got your own one (and so others can comment too).

I wouldn’t put Malosi on defence, not just because of the emblem clash but also because he needs both Timing & Aiming to be effective… neither of which the Defence AI is very good at doing…

Magni would be a good addition as he’s faster than Richard. Would also allow you to give more Paladin Emblems to Telly (your tank). Wing’s don’t matter AS much if they have less emblems, purely because they aren’t subject to as many tiles as the middle one or two.

I would maybe look at running:
Neith -> Seshat -> Telluria -> Gravemaker -> Magni

Ultimately your defence team doesn’t do tooo much for you besides providing a basis from which to raid… As long as you can open your PvP chest in Diamond Arena, it doesn’t matter if you open it 2401 or 3150 cups… Its all the same :slight_smile:

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Agree generally with the hero selections from Guvnor, but I think swapping the wings and flanks on each side would be superior. Average shouldn’t be on wings, blue is better beside green and Magni gets to use his buff. Putting GM at wing isn’t ideal but I think would be slightly superior for those reasons, so

Sesh Neith TreeMonster Magni GM

Just a different view

What’s ur thinking about not putting Magni on flank & firing off his D down early? And yeah, putting Richard’s emblems on Telly is 1 of the main reasons for switching him & Magni… Before I got Magni’s costume I got Rumpelstiltskin, & I was gonna replace Richard with him for the same reason, but changed my mind after the costume chamber… If Clarissa wasn’t Paladin I like the thought of trying Telly flanked by GM & Clarissa… The enemy would have to fight under constant Burn & Poison… I thought maybe Clarissa’s Special & Seshat’s Special combined might make up a bit for running 2 Darks…

What’s ur thought on replacing Neith with Inari for a little protection with her Dodge Special? Plus, I’d eliminate that last emblem conflict & Neith’s could go to Seshat… Or should I hold off for a better yellow??

Which Alliance are u with now Guvnor? I see ur not with WAG anymore…

Two main reasons.

  1. Yellow & Purple have an inherent negativity to each other so putting them next to each other will always discourage heavy stacking against the other.
  2. Speed. I find GM much more annoying when he fires faster & more often than in the wing. When he’s in the wing there will pretty much ALWAYS be a cleanser ready to remove / reverse his burn… at flank its less likely.

If you want Magni “potentially” firing first, you can always flip/reverse the order. So put GM & Magni on Left & Neith+Seshat on right.

This is really only a temporary problem. The highest emblem players are already at +20 on one hero in a class and up to about +6-+8 on a second hero in the same class… For those of us who don’t buy every emblem offer it’ll take longer BUT it’ll happen.

It would but you would need to sandwich a Yellow inbetween them… Otherwise it becomes easy to just stack Yellow heroes for easy tile damage against 40% of your team.

I don’t think Inari is great on defence for a couple reasons.

  1. Passive. She doesn’t actually do anything to the enemy team… like at all…
  2. Timing. The AI doesn’t do timing well & will just fire off specials when they’re ready. So skills like Inari where it relies on timing to coincide with enemy special skills being fired don’t make much sense (others include the witch-hunters, Malosi, Margaret etc…) because it’s easy for a player to just wait out the effect
  1. Flimsy. Inari is built for offence. She doesn’t have much defence/HP weight to make her survive for a long time…

Currently am hanging with Zephyr1

does your alliance have a dedicated moderator? :joy:

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Good question, person…


Thanks again Guvnor… I’ll stay with Neith for now & be on the lookout out for a better yellow… I appreciate all ur help!! :+1:

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