Def team advices : my turn to ask

Hello everyone,

So, here we go. It’s my turn to ask for defensive team (raids) advices.

There are my (future) compositions. Don’t worry, I won’t play it till everyone is maxed. Don’t bother asking if I have some other heroes, the answer is no ! You gotta do with what I give :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your ideas everyone :slight_smile:

ps : I’m gonna show you 2 compo, since Eve won’t be maxed for a while (busied with Santa / Leo first).

Compo 1


Compo 2


Ty ty

ps 2 : the actual formations are my current ideas.

With these heroes it looks good but you can change positions of Leo and Magni(he buff himself and 2 nearby so in corner he lose some of his special) Eve is fast so better put her in corner and Rigard as a flank

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average in the corner is way worse than magni only covering 2 heroes. Go with team one, but swap Leo and rigard so both your 80s aren’t next to each other.

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Well, when I’ll set this formation up, Santa will be 80 so there will be 2 lvl 80 next to each other anyway.

@Radar1 I know about Magni, he’s actually in 4th on my actual formation, for this reason. I wanted to put him at 5 only cause Leo has way more armor.

Will try both anyway I guess

Thanks guyz

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