So I Finally Got A Tank

I’ve jut received Boss Wolf from a Khagan re-train. i’ve never in the whole time I’ve played (level 62 now) had a full on ‘Tank’

Was wondering which team people thing would be the hardest to face once I get Boss Wolf levelled

Here is my current defense

And here is the the option I was considering

(here’s my roster for reference)

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I have a bad news : Malosi destroyed boss wolf. The chances for the attacker to activate very fast malosi before very slow boss wolf is activated are way higher.

Not a fan of him even before. Would not give tabards

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Yeah I’ve literally just been saying to my mate that Maolsi makes him redundant (if you have him to use)

I have 11 tabbards at the moment and my summon luck has been so poor that I’m working on Valeria and 3*s otherwise

Well, points of contention:

  1. Not everyone has Malosi (PERIOD);
  2. Even with Malosi on the attacking team, you still need favorable tiles for him to activate his skills;
  3. Even with Malosi on the attacking team, a good accompaniment of heroes supporting Boss Wolf tank is something to consider as they may be able to nullify the attacking team; and
  4. How many times have we experienced that even with the best heroes in your team ideal to combat the defending enemy, we still lose in that raid and will be forced to try again. Opening and the subsequent boards are governed by RNG.

It’s like because a player has Seshat doesn’t mean he or she automatically will defeat all Guinevere-tanked teams.

Points to ponder…


Thanks for the reply, similar thoughts to my own.

I think Boss Wolf is a good tank, certainly better than others in my roster. Currently having Raffaele isn’t ideal in the tank position as once he’s gone, there’s no healing.

I have been trying to think of a defense set up for a long battle, BW soaking up hits and Raff taking enough hits to heal. Everyone knows how frustrating a riposte tank is if the board doesn’t line up perfectly, chuck in mana generation down and it’s be even more frustrating if Raff then fires and keeps healing. That’s where I would hope BW mana generation boost would help. The one flank and wings being fast (or V fast for Malosi) would charge if people are avoiding riposte by firing tiles down the outside.

I don’t have many hitters in the yellow colour such as Joon so Malosi would have to do on the wing

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Yellow is blessed (mostly monks, see what I did there :joy:) with a lot of V.Fast or Fast snipers. G.Jackal, Malosi will usually fire in 6 tiles (mine do) and then I have Joon and Bai Young following up.

When I’m raiding and get a Purple tank (Boss Wolf, Kunchen, Ursula, Alfrike) I’ll just mono yellow and go for the throat. A half decent start to mid board is all you need and generally I’ll drop the tank with 3 tiles and go from there.

However…The same can be said for many colours and if you have a poor to very poor start and mid the tanks in Purple are very competent and will hurt you.

So as above we don’t all have a super good Yellow team so it will pick you up wins. He will be awesome in rush tournaments or the new Rush war though. Purple tanks will be king in the new rush wars I think so I’d have a really good purple tank ready just for that tbh


Thanks for your thoughts.

I do have a bunch of decent yellows, Mist+19, Leonidas is ok, Malosi, Roc but none are really snipers (waiting on materials to finish Bai).

I’d be relying on the board being favorable and hoping the high health and defense of BW lasting the first onslaught of tiles. But to be fair, I find when attacking with a stack, you need to hope for a board in your favour whichever tank you face (heroes that are considered proper tanks anyway)

My problem is, as you can see in my roster, I don’t really have a great alternative for a tank which is what has prompted me to give BW a go.

Like you said, he will be very handy under certain rules going forward

Well, as others mentioned, Boss Wolf isn’t really a tank that will make all the difference compared to Raff. I wouldn’t even say it’s because of Malosi, but mostly because of his quite outdated design. For all he does, there are average speed heroes who make it better. Mana slow - Telluria. Counterattack - Sif. Mana buff - Ariel. Yes, none of them are doing all at once but they do have their secondary effects also, right?

To be honest, in your case I wouldn’t recommend rebuilding the defense.

Here are my thoughts:

If you build a team around purple tank, yellow flank is favorable. I’m not a fan of Malosi in defense (AI will get his skill wrong all the time) and Gazelle is yet another passive hero with Wolf. I think I’d consider Roc seeing that you already have him maxed. But he’s not considered a star at all. Kestrel is your red choice for sure, put him on the other flank. Lianna is the right wing. But now there’s a ‘blue’ problem. The only one in your roster is Raff judging from the pictures. That’s again a passive hero that you would be forced to use in your defense, and now have no alternative. I am afraid such team would lack damage and Raff on the wing would never fire. You could put Roc on the wing and Raff on left flank, hoping that mana gen buff from Wolf will help him charge faster… But you lose the ‘strong color flank’ element and Roc will be always late to the party anyway, he has no ‘finishing’ potential. And then imho such team is rock hard but has no teeth. Lianna and Kestrel have killing potential but attacker would need terrible board not to be able to deal with them.

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Thank you mate!

And there is my issue, I only have Isarnia other than Raff in blue and everyone knows shes never going to be tank material. I don’t have a great yellow sniper so I’ve based my defense around Blue tank with 2 red flanks to offset the colour advantage of a stack.

Roc simply doesn’t do enough damage at average speed, as you say Malosi needs to be user controlled to take advantage of his special and was only put in due to being very fast, Leonidas doesn’t hit hard enough to be a killer.

Suppose i may just have to stick with my original defense and hope to get lucky in the costume chamber :expressionless:

He is not a great tank I don’t have and I don’t need malosi to kill very slow hero before he goes off however if you have many tabards do him for very fast tournaments and wars. Maybe your alliance will use purple tank here.

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With your heroes I would rather use a team like this, exploiting Guardian Gazelle’s attack increase. Core heroes like Quintus and Lianna deals a lot of damage and don’t even have status effects wich would be blocked by G. Gazele’s special skill:

Quintus - Guardian Gazelle - Raffaele - Guardian Kong - Lianna

(You could try it before ascending Boss Wolf)


The problem with that is that Gazelle cancels Raffs heal over time and people will target Gazelle too much I think.

I do use similar teams in raids, swap out Quintus for Isarnia and Raff for whatever healer I have that’s strong vs the opposition tank

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I have boss wolf at 4/80 and never use him except in no yellow rush tournaments. No attack and very slow. Bad on raids, useless against titans and just meh in very fast tournaments. I’ll use him on flank occasionally in rush tournaments with yellow allowed, but even then he is easy to dispel

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I guess my search to finally have a good tank continues haha

Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of people on this forum seem to think everyone in the world has a Malosi. He was right after Telluria, so people probably didn’t want to spend too much after trying so hard to get Tell and he hasn’t even reappeared anywhere to get him yet. No taverns, Atlantis, or HA10 yet.

If he is a few years old hotm I’d understand but he is still under a year. It’s obnoxious to think every player has him


I think another issue is that Mist would do a similar thing to BW

  • Deals 175% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • The target and nearby enemies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -34% defense against Special Skills for 3 turns.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -64% mana generation for 3 turns.

And shes easier to get than Malosi

I’ll put in another counter-point, unless your alliance goes with coordinated tanks, Boss Wolf will be a killer tank for the Rush War rules.

We can talk about Malosi all we want (I have and use him), but even at V.Fast mana, there’s no guarantee that he’ll fire first. For example, there are a number of Alfrike tanks and many times she fires before I can get Malosi to fire. If I get Malosi to fire, at least it negates the mindless attack status which is really what kills me.

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I’d keep Raff at this point as tank. BW only terrifies me in very fast tournaments.

Malosi seems to be the weak link in your current defense, a weaker link than Raf. I understand the point about Guardian Gazelle and Raf contradicting one another. However, they will not always be firing at the same time, and the contradiction might (might) not be as bad as first impressions. Guardian Gazelle can be very tough on defense, but also becomes a target as you point out. But the reason it becomes a target is that its effect is so powerful.

What I’m saying is, give Gazelle a shot on defense and see how she works out. Maybe a surprise.

As for Boss Wolf, I don’t have him, and hate facing him because even with Malosi, you can not necessarily time Malosi for when BW is about to fire. If a battle lasts so long that BW is ready to fire, it is likely you already have fired Malosi once or twice (or more) already, rather than holding back just waiting to use on BW.

Can say that about malosi VS most tanks… even Telluria.

Let’s share useful feedback~

Here is useful guide

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