Make a team with Boss Wolf tank?

Hey, I have seen some other posts for BW, but I would still like to see some advice for my roster, not everyone gets the same heroes :man_shrugging:

I’ve been running Guin tank for a long time and I want to try some new options now, there are many strong purples came out lately, it feels harder to hold cups with Guin tank these days. In my case when raiding it takes no more than 4 tiles to take out Guin sometimes only 3, I think there are more strong hitters in purple than yellow in general maybe? So I’m thinking to build a team around BW tank, he is only 1/1 for now but I would like to have an outline so I can make a plan for which heroes to feed towards that direction.

Here are some screenshots for my heroes for green, red, blue and yellow, I have mats to max 1 more for each color currently. And I will switch emblems to BW later.

I’m thinking about flanking with Inari and Joon/QoH/Grazul, but that’s just a thought, I have only 1 4* yellow troop leveled up so far. Also for example, if I use Ariel-QoH-BW-Inari-Kingston it would be lack of damage so I don’t know about Ariel in this lineup, if I put Magni there then he will fight for emblems with Kingston, same goes with Alice, she and Inari are both rogue plus her ATK down and Kingston’s probably overwrite each other? Maybe try another green? or put a red on the wing? Just many combinations you can try, there must be a lot of experienced players who know better since I don’t really change my defense team much. So what do you think :gift:

I’d like to use Boss as a tank need ideas for a team… Not got any really good Heros …no Guin… Etc

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