Boss Wolf with Emblems?

I know hes tough, but the Very slow mana im really hating. Do i keep feeding him emblems to get his health and defence so high its not funny or us them on someone else? Aegir was tank but moved him because everyone over 4200 kept taking my cups :rofl::rofl:

These are my Druids

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What’s your main objective? If you want a good tank, the evidence from the SG statistical data published recently suggests he’s a good tank, and buffing his defensive stats will augment that.

If you want a good offensive hero, he’s a more questionable proposition. The 566 attack stat makes him less than inspiring in a purple stack, and even going full attack on the Druid build only nets 92 points, for a full scale attack stat if 658, which is a 4* caliber attack stat. Suffice it to say he’s not going to do crushing tile damage no matter what.

It’s possible to get him down to 12 tiles with a level 23 mana troop (the Druid bonus to mana is 5+20, so that’s not happening soon to help out), so you can mitigate the slowness.

My personal opinion is that having a killer raid defense tank is a status symbol, but not very valuable to game progress. It’s more useful if it’s an AW tank, but still not essential unless you’re facing very strong competition every war. I get by with an unemblemed Onatel war tank against top 50 competition. YMMV though.

If it were I, I’d have been giving the emblems to Mel to make him sturdier for offense and titans.


Yeah only for defence, and i dont doubt that hes a good tank. Just trying to stay in diamond. The reshuffle has worked better and ive taken Leo out and put in BT, i have Musashi at 3/70. I would like to have a rain bow team though, maybe lol

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According to SG, he’s the best defender in the entire game. Judge your actions accordingly…


I’d be a little cautious with that data. It is 100% accurate that he has the highest win percentage as a tank in Diamond, but why that happens to be, and against what strength of competition, is unclear.

It could well be that strong players reroll BW tanks because they would rather face an enemy they have a strategy for, while weaker players go after him because they’ve heard he’s a “bad” hero.

@Kerridoc has discussed this “reroll on unknown” factor multiple times before on the forum, and I certainly do that myself when I’m pushed for time. I’d rather face a common tank that I know how to take apart easily (Kunchen and Aegir spring to mind) than a tank that I have to ponder how to handle. And I don’t fight BW enough to have a strategy down pat.

It’s unclear how well BW holds up in more compulsory situations like AW, where defenses have to be attacked if alliances want to flip the board. And it’s unclear how well BW would hold up if he got a lot more common as a tank in Diamond.


Thanks for that. Ive only seen him once in top 100, (scrolling through looking at set ups). 3 of us in my alliance have him but different set ups, the other 2 have GM next to him

Sure thing. I will add that he is intrinsically credible as a tank because he presents real problems to an offense if he fires, and he’s a 4+ tile kill with emblems, so I’m not saying that he’s bad–just to be cautious.

He really calls for both a cleanser and a dispeller, and yellow only provides a cleanser (Vivica) at slow. It’s not at all clear to me what the best BW strategy really is at present. But I would give it good thought if I saw him often.


I use him but he is only as good as his supporting cast.

I stay in 2500-2600.



Im hoping for Viv to pop out in tc20 or some one beter than Leo, but have these guy on my roster

Boss Wolf is a good tank, Boss Wolf with an Aegir as flank is a bit less impactful…
What are you other 4.80 heroes?

i prefer the crit troop on him for max defense and health. I believe @Garanwyn showed somewhere else in the forums that the increased defense and health can mitigate the small break that the mana troop gives, regardless, I love him in my Tower D and has served extremely well in AW…Offense, also agree with Gar.


he is in top 100 quite often…I respect @Accord of 7DR as one of the top players in the game and she often rocks BW in the top ten as well.


Truth is, riposte is tricky to manage at the 5* level.

  • Kageburado is the only 5* that dispels without hitting the target first, and he’s single target and purple, so not exactly ideal against BW.
  • Seshat and Domitia can clean up the edges by aiming to the corners, dispelling nearby, but again, they’re purple, and you’re only dropping one of three ripostes.
  • There’s no yellow dispeller
  • So now you’re looking to bring Zeline, Frida or Evelyn and accepting the big health loss. If Evelyn has ranger emblems, her Pierce might save her.
  • I’m assuming that a Sabina or Melendor isn’t a good option–mine certainly don’t have emblems, and if BW is forcing you to bring a 4* to the party, he’s done his job.

Elena is much simpler to manage than Boss Wolf, because she’s so squishy.


And to accentuate your point @Kerridoc, all the mitigation you are referencing can usually only be used once in AW further complicating things, and you are sometimes left throwing tiles and hoping to heal through it or res after.


Only Frida and Leo
And these waiting for mats

I would change Aegir for Frida, if Boss Wolf would manage to fire his special it would be sad to let Aegir reduce the counterattacks’ damage.

Leonidas could also be good to try lowering a dispeller’s mana and let the riposte do his job.

I would say that your final team could become
Ursena - Isarnia - Boss Wolf - Leonidas - Marjana


What about Elkanen-Frida-Bw-Aegir-Marjana for now?

Or is that too vulnerable to a green 5 stack

EDIT: oh wait your Leo is fully levelled?

If he is I’d do



I can accend Musashi, is he better than Leo or do i wait for a better yellow, i have 9 darts. Thank you guys for all your input so far, much appreciated :blush:

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Please remove him as tank.

He ranks as my most hated tank to raid followed by Yunan and Kunchen. :rofl:


Don’t waste your darts on Musashi.

You will be screaming at the top of your lungs to get them back at a later date or your phone might end up as a shuriken. :rofl:


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