Zulag or Boss Wolf for defense tank?

Hi everyone
I have a question about my defense line, and I would be thankful if you share your ideas about it.

Currently, I have Boss Wolf as my tank. He is flanked by Isarnia (CB) and Drake Fong, and the wings are Mother North and Kingston. It is a relatively solid defense, but the only problem I have with this defense team is Boss Wolf being “too slow.” His special skill is kind of interesting, but with his “very slow” mana speed, he usually cannot fire his special. Therefore, regarding his high Defense and HP stats, he just acts as peace of large meat, which buys time for the flanks to charge their mana. Therefore, in war and normal defense teams, his special skill is nothing but some meaningless words written on his hero card. The only place he actually shines is in 5* Rush attack tournaments which doesn’t happen so frequently.

I’ve recently got the new HOTM, Zulag. I’m thinking of replacing Boss wolf with Zulag in my defense team and here is why: Defensively, she is almost as sturdy as Boss wolf. When she fires her special, she raises the normal defense, does HoT, and increases defense against specials for the flanks and herself. Also, she summons a minion. Most importantly, unlike Boss Wolf, her mana speed is average which in tank position, gives her a chance to charge at least once in each raid.

However, I’ve read the thread about Zulag and it seems people don’t like her that much. This makes me a little bit hesitate about putting her in my defense line. But the thing is, in my hero roster I have a shortage of tanky heroes. The only other options I can think of as a tank are Raffaele and Costumed Vivica. Raffaele is slow and only heals and does nothing more special. C Vivica is interesting though, but she needs emblems to be viable as a reliable tank. I’m having all my cleric emblems worn by Mother North. There is no way on earth that I reset MN emblems for any other heroes. So I’ve left with only two options: Boss Wolf or Zulag?

What is your idea about this situation? Who would you choose as the tank if you were me? I appreciate your toughts and ideas.

Hi, even though I really like Boss Wolf (because of his design actually), I would go for Zulag. I think she can be quite annoying if you don’t have a good debuffer against her, her special is cool, she is tanky and a paladin.

I don’t care about what people say about her. Yes, better tanks exist, but she is really fine to my opinion.


I agree with you. I forgot about her being a paladin, which makes her even tankier! :+1:

Do you use a level 23 mana troop with BW? Bumps him up to “slow” from “very slow.”

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I’d never put a healer, why not Isarnia? She’s deadly, better tank with a costume

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I can see a team made up of
Sorcerer Vivica - Isarnia - Zulag/Boss Wolf - Drake Fong - Kingston

work pretty well.

If you want them in a war defense you should use Boss Wolf but for raids Zulag is better.
I can see Boss Wolf being too vulnerable to newer heroes as Malosi.

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Im pvp defense i wouldnt even put any healer at all.

Its a damage race.

Go and test drake fong flanked with two quite strong purple hitters, maybe sartana and maybe even obakan (i dont know your roster).

Dont forget that most people will attack you with really strong teams.

Zulag gives enough time to load up all your heroes and one simple dispeller wipes away all of zulags special.

I often give tiles on healers like kunchen, vivica, grazul, rigard etc etc to get better boards.

Dont use healers in defense (pvp). Ever.


Interesting approach, I am tempted to try at some point but at least in wars my defense has always fared better with a healer or even 2. For example, I took Kage off of war defense and put in Marie Therese and my defense improved drastically.

That worth a shot but I’m not seeing it to be that much helpful for this chubby wolf! My purpule mana troops by the way, are not at high levels, I’m leveling them up but it’s a slow progress.

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Fair enough. Personally I would go with Boss Wolf but Zulag might be good. Likely not the popular opinion but BW is underestimated. Boss Wolf is tankier than Zulag and tough enough that he doesn’t need paladin talent. Plus, he’ll be a pain in vfast tourneys and wars. Good luck either way :+1:

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I really like Isarnia. She is great, but she doesn’t have tanky characteristics. My CB Isarnia is now at +18 talent node (shield path). With costume bonus, now she has a relatively high health and defense, but not enough to be a tank. I’ve tried her as the tank but not get better results than BW.
In my opinion, an annoying tank is not the one who hits harder, it is the one who survives longer (and help other teammates survive longer) and buys enough time for the rest of the team to take care of the killing job.

I agree with you. After Malosi was introduced to the game, Boss Wolf has even less chance than before to use his special skill.

That sounds interesting :thinking: I have very fast and strong purples like Kage and Clarissa that can be Drake’s flanks. Even though I think Drake is not designed to be a tank (he is a great flank though), but it doesn’t hurt to try some irregular defense formations :+1: I will try different formations until I get better results.

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Boss wolf just like telly in term u need to bring dispeller and cleanser to face him.

Though he is v.slow once he charges he’ll be slow to medium mana gen


Certainly Zulag is the best choice.
In addition to belonging to a better class (paladin), his special is more useful than that of Boss Wolf.
It also has the fact that its mana charge is much better than that of Boss Wolf.

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Like you, @PhoenixA1, I am also thinking I’ll level Zulag as my tank because I lack other good options (even Boss Wolf). The risk of having her dispelled and doing nothing is a concern, but here’s how I’m thinking about it. Yellow and red don’t have good dispelling options, so you want to be able to build a defense team that invites the attacker to bring those colors. I’m personally thinking of a center with Lianna - Zulag - Poseidon. Bring yellow to counter Zulag, you don’t really have a good dispel option. Bring red against Lianna, you don’t really have a good dispel option. Bring purple against Poseidon, you have some good dispelling options, but you are weak to the tank. (This might still be viable if you use Zulag as a tile sink, I guess.) Also, Mist and Malosi are natural counters to Zulag, but they are to Boss Wolf as well, so I don’t think you’re losing anything there. Plus, they are at least rarer than S1 heroes, and not everyone has them.

Now, you have the issue of basically having to use MN on the left wing - which is a good problem to have, obviously. So maybe you’d do something like MN - Drake - Zulag - green hitter - somebody else. Two greens invites red, but you’re kinda wanting that anyway, and with this spacing, it shouldn’t be a big issue. Something to think about. I’m not one that hangs in the rarified air of top-whatever, but it makes sense to me.

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I think Isarnia is a great tank, do you have a crit troop for her? Otherwise she die quicker.

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Yes, the biggest issue is his mana speed.

Also it’s worth to say that the special skill of a very slow hero should be devastating (sth like Alfrike), because a very slow hero gets the chance to fire their special probably not more than once in each raid.

Therefore, the special skill of a very slow hero should make a huge change. Boss Wolf special is not good enough for a very slow hero.

Yes, that’s why I’m thinking about replacing BW by her. Zulag might not be the best tank in the game, but comparing to Boss Wolf, she has a more useful special skill with faster mana speed.

Very well described and reasonable plan :+1: I hope it works well

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